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There are still lands out there untouched by time or tourists, tribal villages where few Westerners have ever set foot, uncharted atolls and vast yet fragile rainforests where nature still reigns supreme. Departing March 2014, Silver Discoverer sets sail to destinations like these in the most remote corners of Asia-Pacific. From the Stone Age cultures and coral treasures of Indonesia to the pelagic wonderlands in the Sea of Okhotsk, each region offers untold opportunity for genuine, authentic discovery, enriching sights and insights that are unforgettable, indelible … and perhaps even transformational. A travel experience beyond compare.

Exotic Expeditions Available Cruises

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2021 Exotic Expeditions Available Cruises

Jun 267Silver OriginRoundtrip $11,700$
Jul 037Silver OriginRoundtrip $11,160$
Jul 107Silver OriginRoundtrip $10,980$
Jul 177Silver OriginRoundtrip $10,980$
Jul 247Silver OriginRoundtrip $11,700$
Jul 317Silver OriginRoundtrip $10,980$
Aug 077Silver OriginRoundtrip $11,160$
Aug 147Silver OriginRoundtrip $11,160$
Aug 217Silver OriginRoundtrip $11,070$
Aug 287Silver OriginRoundtrip $11,070$
Sep 047Silver OriginRoundtrip $10,260$
Sep 1016Silver ExplorerCairns to Lautoka$11,040$
Sep 117Silver OriginRoundtrip $10,260$
Sep 187Silver OriginRoundtrip $10,530$
Sep 257Silver OriginRoundtrip $10,260$
Sep 2510Silver MuseRoundtrip Tokyo$6,030$
Sep 2612Silver ExplorerLautoka to $10,530$
Oct 027Silver OriginRoundtrip $10,260$
Oct 0511Silver MuseRoundtrip Tokyo$6,750$
Oct 0722Silver Explorer to Valparaíso$16,880$
Oct 097Silver OriginRoundtrip $10,260$
Oct 167Silver OriginRoundtrip $9,180$
Oct 2313Silver MuseHong Kong to Singapore$5,200$
Oct 237Silver OriginRoundtrip $9,360$
Oct 2310Silver MuseHong Kong to $4,950$
Oct 2912Silver ExplorerValparaíso to Puerto Williams$8,640$
Oct 307Silver OriginRoundtrip $9,360$
Nov 0116Silver MoonAthens / Piraeus to Dubai$7,110$
Nov 0512Silver MuseSingapore to Hong Kong$5,130$
Nov 067Silver OriginRoundtrip $9,450$
Nov 1018Silver ExplorerRoundtrip Puerto Williams$17,120$
Nov 137Silver OriginRoundtrip $9,450$
Nov 1416Silver CloudPunta Arenas to Ushuaia$16,470$
Nov 179Silver MoonDubai to Mumbai (Bombay)$3,780$
Nov 1712Silver MuseHong Kong to Singapore$5,130$
Nov 2022Silver WindBuenos Aires to Ushuaia$27,040$
Nov 207Silver OriginRoundtrip $9,450$
Nov 2614Silver MoonMumbai (Bombay) to Singapore$5,310$
Nov 277Silver OriginRoundtrip $9,450$
Nov 2810Silver ExplorerRoundtrip Puerto Williams$11,360$
Nov 2918Silver MuseSingapore to Sydney$6,400$
Nov 3011Silver CloudRoundtrip Ushuaia$20,430$
Dec 0215Silver MuseBali (Benoa) to Sydney$6,300$
Dec 0213Silver MuseBali (Benoa) to Brisbane$5,040$
Dec 047Silver OriginRoundtrip $9,630$
Dec 0414Silver Shadow to Mumbai (Bombay)$3,760$
Dec 1011Silver MoonSingapore to Hong Kong$4,320$
Dec 1110Silver CloudRoundtrip Ushuaia$12,870$
Dec 116Silver ExplorerRoundtrip $14,560$
Dec 117Silver OriginRoundtrip $9,450$
Dec 1210Silver WindRoundtrip Ushuaia$12,870$
Dec 176Silver ExplorerRoundtrip $15,750$
Dec 1817Silver ShadowMumbai (Bombay) to Singapore$7,020$
Dec 1811Silver OriginRoundtrip $16,110$
Dec 1812Silver ShadowMumbai (Bombay) to Phuket$6,700$
Dec 2115Silver CloudRoundtrip Ushuaia$18,540$
Dec 2115Silver MoonHong Kong to Singapore$6,660$
Dec 2218Silver WindRoundtrip Ushuaia$22,230$
Dec 236Silver ExplorerRoundtrip $16,830$
Dec 296Silver ExplorerRoundtrip $16,920$
Dec 2910Silver OriginRoundtrip $14,940$

2022 Exotic Expeditions Available Cruises

Jan 0415Silver ShadowSingapore to Cairns$6,640$
Jan 0510Silver CloudRoundtrip Ushuaia$14,940$
Jan 0514Silver MoonSingapore to Hong Kong$5,760$
Jan 0710Silver ExplorerRoundtrip Puerto Williams$12,960$
Jan 0811Silver Moon to Hong Kong$5,310$
Jan 087Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $10,980$
Jan 0910Silver WindRoundtrip Ushuaia$12,560$
Jan 157Silver Origin to Baltra, Galapagos$11,610$
Jan 1510Silver CloudRoundtrip Ushuaia$14,940$
Jan 1710Silver ExplorerRoundtrip Puerto Williams$15,100$
Jan 1912Silver MoonRoundtrip Hong Kong$5,120$
Jan 1910Silver WindRoundtrip Ushuaia$14,850$
Jan 229Silver MoonManila to Hong Kong$4,500$
Jan 227Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $11,610$
Jan 2720Silver ExplorerRoundtrip Puerto Williams$27,450$
Jan 297Silver Origin to Baltra, Galapagos$11,340$
Jan 2910Silver WindRoundtrip Ushuaia$14,850$
Jan 3111Silver MoonHong Kong to $5,220$
Jan 3114Silver MoonHong Kong to Singapore$6,210$
Feb 057Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $11,340$
Feb 0812Silver WindRoundtrip Ushuaia$16,920$
Feb 127Silver Origin to Baltra, Galapagos$11,430$
Feb 1418Silver MoonSingapore to Mumbai (Bombay)$8,100$
Feb 1610Silver ExplorerRoundtrip Puerto Williams$11,920$
Feb 197Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $11,340$
Feb 1918Silver MuseSydney to Singapore$7,290$
Feb 1913Silver MoonPhuket to Mumbai (Bombay)$7,000$
Feb 1915Silver MuseSydney to Bali (Benoa)$6,570$
Feb 2010Silver WindRoundtrip Ushuaia$14,400$
Feb 2116Silver MuseMelbourne to Singapore$6,480$
Feb 2314Silver MuseAdelaide to Singapore$5,670$
Feb 2610Silver ExplorerRoundtrip Puerto Williams$11,360$
Feb 267Silver Origin to Baltra, Galapagos$11,340$
Mar 0219Silver WindUshuaia to Buenos Aires$13,920$
Mar 0410Silver MoonMumbai (Bombay) to Dubai$4,500$
Mar 057Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $10,980$
Mar 0821Silver ExplorerPuerto Williams to Cape Town$14,940$
Mar 0912Silver MuseSingapore to Shanghai$5,670$
Mar 0916Silver MuseSingapore to Tokyo$6,560$
Mar 127Silver Origin to Baltra, Galapagos$10,980$
Mar 1416Silver MoonDubai to Athens / Piraeus$7,560$
Mar 197Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $11,610$
Mar 2114Silver WindBuenos Aires to Fortaleza$7,650$
Mar 2514Silver MuseRoundtrip Tokyo$8,910$
Mar 267Silver Origin to Baltra, Galapagos$11,250$
Mar 2918Silver ExplorerCape Town to Zanzibar$16,830$
Apr 027Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $11,610$
Apr 0421Silver WindFortaleza to Barbados / Bridgetown$15,570$
Apr 0814Silver MuseRoundtrip Tokyo$8,910$
Apr 097Silver Origin to Baltra, Galapagos$11,610$
Apr 1611Silver ExplorerZanzibar to Mahe$12,780$
Apr 167Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $11,610$
Apr 2013Silver ShadowCairns to Bali (Benoa)$8,200$
Apr 2016Silver ShadowCairns to Singapore$6,880$
Apr 2214Silver MuseRoundtrip Tokyo$8,190$
Apr 237Silver Origin to Baltra, Galapagos$11,610$
Apr 258Silver WindBarbados / Bridgetown to Ft. Lauderdale$4,140$
Apr 307Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $11,790$
May 0311Silver WindFt. Lauderdale to $7,290$
May 0316Silver ExplorerColombo to Singapore$11,160$
May 0618Silver ShadowSingapore to Tokyo$7,470$
May 0613Silver ShadowSingapore to Hong Kong$7,000$
May 077Silver Origin to Baltra, Galapagos$11,610$
May 0915Silver ShadowBangkok to Tokyo$6,480$
May 1418Silver Wind to Southampton$11,880$
May 147Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $11,790$
May 1916Silver ExplorerSingapore to Darwin$14,670$
May 195Silver ShadowHong Kong to Tokyo$3,500$
May 217Silver Origin to Baltra, Galapagos$11,340$
May 287Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $11,340$
Jun 0113Silver WindSouthampton to $11,430$
Jun 0410Silver ExplorerDarwin to $10,710$
Jun 047Silver Origin to Baltra, Galapagos$11,340$
Jun 117Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $11,340$
Jun 149Silver WindRoundtrip $10,890$
Jun 1410Silver Explorer to Darwin$10,710$
Jun 187Silver Origin to Baltra, Galapagos$11,250$
Jun 236Silver WindRoundtrip $8,010$
Jun 2410Silver ExplorerDarwin to $10,710$
Jun 257Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $11,430$
Jun 299Silver WindRoundtrip $10,260$
Jul 027Silver Origin to Baltra, Galapagos$11,160$
Jul 0410Silver Explorer to Darwin$10,710$
Jul 0813Silver Wind to Reykjavík$15,030$
Jul 097Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $11,430$
Jul 119Silver CloudRoundtrip $10,260$
Jul 1410Silver ExplorerDarwin to $10,350$
Jul 167Silver Origin to Baltra, Galapagos$11,250$
Jul 206Silver CloudRoundtrip $7,920$
Jul 2111Silver WindReykjavík to Kangerlussuaq$14,040$
Jul 237Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $11,160$
Jul 2410Silver Explorer to Darwin$10,350$
Jul 266Silver CloudRoundtrip $7,920$
Jul 307Silver Origin to Baltra, Galapagos$11,250$
Aug 017Silver WindRoundtrip Kangerlussuaq$9,450$
Aug 0114Silver Cloud to Reykjavík$15,930$
Aug 0317Silver ExplorerDarwin to Fremantle / Perth$13,680$
Aug 067Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $11,250$
Aug 0816Silver WindRoundtrip Kangerlussuaq$18,360$
Aug 137Silver Origin to Baltra, Galapagos$11,160$
Aug 1512Silver CloudReykjavík to Dublin$9,990$
Aug 207Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $11,160$
Aug 2017Silver ExplorerFremantle / Perth to Darwin$16,110$
Aug 2424Silver WindKangerlussuaq to Nome$43,650$
Aug 277Silver Origin to Baltra, Galapagos$10,260$
Aug 2711Silver CloudDublin to Lisbon$6,750$
Sep 037Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $10,260$
Sep 0618Silver ExplorerDarwin to Cairns$20,070$
Sep 0710Silver CloudLisbon to Valletta$7,200$
Sep 107Silver Origin to Baltra, Galapagos$10,260$
Sep 1710Silver CloudValletta to Lisbon$7,200$
Sep 177Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $10,260$
Sep 1718Silver WindNome to Vancouver$17,460$
Sep 2314Silver MuseRoundtrip Osaka$8,730$
Sep 2416Silver ExplorerCairns to Lautoka$12,150$
Sep 247Silver Origin to Baltra, Galapagos$10,260$
Sep 2717Silver CloudLisbon to Dakar$14,310$
Sep 2710Silver ShadowRoundtrip Tokyo$6,930$
Oct 017Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $10,710$
Oct 0511Silver WindVancouver to San Diego$8,010$
Oct 0710Silver ShadowRoundtrip Tokyo$6,840$
Oct 0714Silver MuseRoundtrip Osaka$9,000$
Oct 087Silver Origin to Baltra, Galapagos$10,710$
Oct 1012Silver ExplorerLautoka to $11,070$
Oct 1415Silver CloudDakar to Rio de Janeiro$8,370$
Oct 157Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $10,710$
Oct 1611Silver WindSan Diego to Puntarenas$6,750$
Oct 1710Silver ShadowRoundtrip Tokyo$6,840$
Oct 2123Silver Explorer to Valparaíso$20,880$
Oct 2114Silver MuseRoundtrip Osaka$9,000$
Oct 227Silver Origin to Baltra, Galapagos$10,710$
Oct 2714Silver ShadowTokyo to Hong Kong$8,730$
Oct 2711Silver WindPuntarenas to Guayaquil$6,210$
Oct 2711Silver ShadowTokyo to Shanghai$8,100$
Oct 297Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $10,260$
Oct 299Silver CloudRio de Janeiro to Buenos Aires$5,580$
Nov 0414Silver MuseOsaka to Hong Kong$8,910$
Nov 0411Silver MuseOsaka to Shanghai$8,400$
Nov 057Silver Origin to Baltra, Galapagos$10,260$
Nov 0720Silver CloudBuenos Aires to Ushuaia$19,260$
Nov 0711Silver WindGuayaquil to Valparaíso$6,480$
Nov 1011Silver ShadowHong Kong to Bangkok$6,600$
Nov 1014Silver ShadowHong Kong to Singapore$7,200$
Nov 127Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $10,260$
Nov 1312Silver ExplorerValparaíso to Puerto Williams$9,810$
Nov 1814Silver MuseHong Kong to Singapore$7,380$
Nov 1814Silver WindValparaíso to Ushuaia$11,700$
Nov 1811Silver MuseHong Kong to $6,800$
Nov 2117Silver SpiritAthens / Piraeus to Dubai$8,550$
Nov 267Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $10,260$
Nov 2710Silver CloudRoundtrip Ushuaia$11,520$
Nov 285Silver ExplorerRoundtrip $13,950$
Dec 0210Silver WindRoundtrip Ushuaia$12,690$
Dec 035Silver ExplorerRoundtrip $13,950$
Dec 037Silver Origin to Baltra, Galapagos$10,260$
Dec 0710Silver CloudRoundtrip Ushuaia$12,690$
Dec 0812Silver SpiritDubai to Mumbai (Bombay)$5,850$
Dec 0813Silver ShadowSingapore to Bali (Benoa)$6,300$
Dec 085Silver ExplorerRoundtrip $13,950$
Dec 107Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $10,260$
Dec 1210Silver WindRoundtrip Ushuaia$13,410$
Dec 1711Silver Origin to Baltra, Galapagos$19,710$
Dec 1718Silver CloudRoundtrip Ushuaia$22,140$
Dec 199Silver ExplorerRoundtrip $23,220$
Dec 2016Silver SpiritMumbai (Bombay) to Singapore$8,280$
Dec 2214Silver WindRoundtrip Ushuaia$18,720$
Dec 2810Silver OriginRoundtrip Baltra, Galapagos$17,910$
Dec 289Silver ExplorerRoundtrip $23,220$

2023 Exotic Expeditions Available Cruises

Jan 0412Silver CloudRoundtrip Ushuaia$14,940$
Jan 0512Silver WindRoundtrip Ushuaia$15,030$
Jan 0514Silver SpiritSingapore to Hong Kong$7,290$
Jan 066Silver ExplorerRoundtrip $15,930$
Jan 077Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $11,610$
Jan 147Silver Origin to Baltra, Galapagos$11,250$
Jan 1612Silver CloudRoundtrip Ushuaia$14,850$
Jan 1712Silver WindRoundtrip Ushuaia$15,030$
Jan 186Silver ExplorerRoundtrip $15,930$
Jan 1910Silver SpiritHong Kong to Singapore$6,300$
Jan 217Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $11,250$
Jan 246Silver ExplorerRoundtrip $15,930$
Jan 2818Silver CloudRoundtrip Ushuaia$22,860$
Jan 287Silver Origin to Baltra, Galapagos$11,250$
Jan 2910Silver WindRoundtrip Ushuaia$13,590$
Jan 2914Silver SpiritSingapore to Hong Kong$7,560$
Jan 305Silver ExplorerRoundtrip $13,950$
Feb 0111Silver Spirit to Hong Kong$6,800$
Feb 047Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $11,250$
Feb 045Silver ExplorerRoundtrip $13,950$
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