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There are still lands out there untouched by time or tourists, tribal villages where few Westerners have ever set foot, uncharted atolls and vast yet fragile rainforests where nature still reigns supreme. Departing March 2014, Silver Discoverer sets sail to destinations like these in the most remote corners of Asia-Pacific. From the Stone Age cultures and coral treasures of Indonesia to the pelagic wonderlands in the Sea of Okhotsk, each region offers untold opportunity for genuine, authentic discovery, enriching sights and insights that are unforgettable, indelible … and perhaps even transformational. A travel experience beyond compare.

Exotic Expeditions Available Cruises

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2020 Exotic Expeditions Available Cruises

Jan 2012Silver SpiritKeelung to $4,710$
Jan 239Silver SpiritManila to $3,540$
Jan 257Silver Galapagos to San Cristobal$11,430$
Feb 019Silver Spirit to Manila$3,540$
Feb 017Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal to $11,430$
Feb 0114Silver Spirit to Hong Kong$4,860$
Feb 0112Silver Spirit to Keelung$4,710$
Feb 157Silver SpiritHong Kong to Ho Chi Minh City$3,200$
Feb 157Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal to $9,900$
Feb 1514Silver SpiritHong Kong to Singapore$6,030$
Feb 1811Silver SpiritCruising Halong Bay to Singapore$6,050$
Feb 227Silver SpiritHo Chi Minh City to Singapore$3,200$
Feb 227Silver Galapagos to San Cristobal$11,430$
Feb 2821Silver CloudUshuaia to Cape Town$12,060$
Feb 2910Silver SpiritSingapore to ColomboCall for Availability
Feb 297Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal to $9,900$
Feb 2911Silver SpiritSingapore to Colombo$4,840$
Feb 2915Silver SpiritSingapore to Mumbai (Bombay)$5,940$
Mar 0213Silver SpiritPhuket to Mumbai (Bombay)$5,148$
Mar 0414Silver ExplorerUshuaia to Valparaíso$9,360$
Mar 077Silver Galapagos to San Cristobal$8,910$
Mar 147Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal to $8,910$
Mar 1510Silver SpiritMumbai (Bombay) to Dubai$3,960$
Mar 2018Silver CloudCape Town to $14,310$
Mar 217Silver Galapagos to San Cristobal$10,800$
Mar 2516Silver SpiritDubai to $5,670$
Mar 2714Silver ExplorerEaster Island to $18,810$
Mar 287Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal to $8,910$
Apr 047Silver Galapagos to San Cristobal$8,910$
Apr 0718Silver Cloud to Lisbon$13,410$
Apr 1013Silver Explorer to Lautoka$10,710$
Apr 117Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal to $10,530$
Apr 1816Silver MuseSingapore to Tokyo$8,730$
Apr 187Silver Galapagos to San Cristobal$10,530$
Apr 2417Silver ExplorerLautoka to Cairns$14,310$
Apr 257Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal to $8,910$
May 027Silver Galapagos to San Cristobal$9,180$
May 0712Silver CloudLisbon to London (Tower Bridge)$8,460$
May 097Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal to $9,180$
May 1116Silver ExplorerCairns to Apra$12,420$
May 167Silver Galapagos to San Cristobal$10,800$
May 1910Silver CloudLondon (Tower Bridge) to Dublin$7,650$
May 237Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal to $10,530$
May 2711Silver ExplorerApra to Kobe$7,200$
May 2912Silver CloudDublin to Reykjavík$8,910$
May 307Silver Galapagos to San Cristobal$9,360$
Jun 067Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal to $8,010$
Jun 0711Silver ExplorerKobe to $9,990$
Jun 137Silver Galapagos to San Cristobal$8,010$
Jun 1818Silver ExplorerRoundtrip $21,420$
Jun 207Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal to $7,290$
Jun 277Silver Galapagos to San Cristobal$7,290$
Jul 047Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal to $7,920$
Jul 0618Silver ExplorerRoundtrip $13,410$
Jul 117Silver Galapagos to San Cristobal$7,920$
Jul 187Silver OriginSan Cristobal to $12,700$
Jul 2318Silver Explorer to Nome$13,770$
Jul 257Silver Origin to San Cristobal$12,200$
Aug 017Silver OriginSan Cristobal to $12,700$
Aug 087Silver Origin to San Cristobal$12,700$
Aug 1012Silver ExplorerRoundtrip Nome$10,440$
Aug 157Silver OriginSan Cristobal to $12,700$
Aug 227Silver Origin to San Cristobal$11,400$
Aug 297Silver OriginSan Cristobal to $11,700$
Sep 057Silver Origin to San Cristobal$11,400$
Sep 127Silver OriginSan Cristobal to $11,900$
Sep 1412Silver CloudNome to $8,370$
Sep 197Silver Origin to San Cristobal$13,100$
Sep 2416Silver MuseTokyo to Hong Kong$10,400$
Sep 2412Silver MuseTokyo to Shanghai$7,430$
Sep 2612Silver Cloud to Vancouver$11,880$
Sep 267Silver OriginSan Cristobal to $11,900$
Oct 037Silver Origin to San Cristobal$11,900$
Oct 089Silver CloudVancouver to San Diego$6,210$
Oct 087Silver CloudVancouver to $4,680$
Oct 1021Silver MuseHong Kong to Sydney$11,900$
Oct 107Silver OriginSan Cristobal to $11,000$
Oct 1019Silver MuseHong Kong to Brisbane$10,500$
Oct 177Silver Origin to San Cristobal$12,200$
Oct 2011Silver ExplorerFt. Lauderdale to Colon$6,210$
Oct 247Silver OriginSan Cristobal to $10,800$
Oct 2819Silver Cloud to Ushuaia$12,420$
Oct 2817Silver Cloud to Punta Arenas$11,100$
Oct 317Silver Origin to San Cristobal$11,400$
Oct 318Silver ExplorerColon to Guayaquil$5,400$
Nov 0412Silver CloudValparaíso to Ushuaia$8,300$
Nov 0517Silver Spirit to Dubai$7,920$
Nov 077Silver OriginSan Cristobal to $11,600$
Nov 1011Silver WindBuenos Aires to Ushuaia$7,020$
Nov 109Silver WindBuenos Aires to Punta Arenas$5,400$
Nov 147Silver Origin to San Cristobal$11,100$
Nov 1714Silver ExplorerEaster Island to $15,480$
Nov 217Silver OriginSan Cristobal to $10,800$
Nov 229Silver SpiritDubai to Mumbai (Bombay)$4,500$
Nov 287Silver Origin to San Cristobal$10,800$
Dec 0115Silver SpiritMumbai (Bombay) to Phuket$6,600$
Dec 0118Silver SpiritMumbai (Bombay) to Singapore$7,200$
Dec 057Silver OriginSan Cristobal to $11,100$
Dec 0712Silver SpiritColombo to Singapore$5,130$
Dec 1110Silver ExplorerAuckland to $6,930$
Dec 127Silver Origin to San Cristobal$10,800$
Dec 1916Silver SpiritSingapore to Hong Kong$10,800$
Dec 1910Silver OriginSan Cristobal to $17,400$
Dec 2114Silver ExplorerRoundtrip $14,220$
Dec 2911Silver Origin to San Cristobal$19,200$

2021 Exotic Expeditions Available Cruises

Jan 0412Silver SpiritRoundtrip Hong Kong$6,900$
Jan 0414Silver ExplorerRoundtrip $14,400$
Jan 097Silver OriginSan Cristobal to $11,900$
Jan 1610Silver SpiritHong Kong to Singapore$6,200$
Jan 167Silver Origin to San Cristobal$11,900$
Jan 237Silver OriginSan Cristobal to $11,900$
Jan 2614Silver SpiritSingapore to Hong Kong$7,500$
Jan 307Silver Origin to San Cristobal$11,900$
Feb 067Silver OriginSan Cristobal to $11,900$
Feb 0915Silver Explorer to Melbourne$14,940$
Feb 0914Silver SpiritHong Kong to Shanghai$7,700$
Feb 137Silver Origin to San Cristobal$11,900$
Feb 207Silver OriginSan Cristobal to $11,900$
Feb 2317Silver SpiritShanghai to Singapore$8,600$
Feb 2425Silver ExplorerMelbourne to Darwin$13,410$
Feb 277Silver Origin to San Cristobal$11,900$
Mar 067Silver OriginSan Cristobal to $11,900$
Mar 0921Silver WindUshuaia to Cape Town$13,400$
Mar 0913Silver MuseSingapore to Hong Kong$6,900$
Mar 1215Silver SpiritSingapore to Mumbai (Bombay)$6,900$
Mar 137Silver Origin to San Cristobal$11,900$
Mar 207Silver OriginSan Cristobal to $11,900$
Mar 2119Silver ExplorerDarwin to Apra$15,300$
Mar 2214Silver MuseHong Kong to Tokyo$8,400$
Mar 2717Silver SpiritMumbai (Bombay) to $7,500$
Mar 277Silver Origin to San Cristobal$11,900$
Mar 3018Silver WindCape Town to $15,300$
Apr 037Silver OriginSan Cristobal to $12,700$
Apr 0514Silver MuseRoundtrip Tokyo$11,100$
Apr 0919Silver ExplorerApra to Cairns$14,900$
Apr 107Silver Origin to San Cristobal$11,900$
Apr 177Silver OriginSan Cristobal to $11,600$
Apr 1718Silver Wind to Lisbon$15,300$
Apr 1914Silver MuseRoundtrip Tokyo$9,700$
Apr 247Silver Origin to San Cristobal$11,600$
Apr 2819Silver ExplorerCairns to Singapore$14,100$
May 017Silver OriginSan Cristobal to $11,600$
May 0512Silver WindLisbon to London (Tower Bridge)$9,400$
May 087Silver Origin to San Cristobal$11,600$
May 157Silver OriginSan Cristobal to $11,600$
May 1714Silver WindRoundtrip London (Tower Bridge)$11,000$
May 227Silver Origin to San Cristobal$11,600$
May 297Silver OriginSan Cristobal to $11,600$
May 3114Silver WindRoundtrip London (Tower Bridge)$11,000$
Jun 057Silver Origin to San Cristobal$11,600$
Jun 127Silver OriginSan Cristobal to $11,600$
Jun 1414Silver WindLondon (Tower Bridge) to Reykjavík$11,000$
Jun 197Silver Origin to San Cristobal$12,200$
Jun 267Silver OriginSan Cristobal to $11,600$
Jul 037Silver Origin to San Cristobal$12,200$
Jul 107Silver OriginSan Cristobal to $11,600$
Jul 1613Silver Cloud to Reykjavík$14,400$
Jul 177Silver Origin to San Cristobal$11,600$
Jul 247Silver OriginSan Cristobal to $11,600$
Jul 317Silver Origin to San Cristobal$11,600$
Aug 077Silver OriginSan Cristobal to $12,200$
Aug 147Silver Origin to San Cristobal$12,200$
Aug 217Silver OriginSan Cristobal to $11,100$
Aug 287Silver Origin to San Cristobal$11,100$
Sep 047Silver OriginSan Cristobal to $10,800$
Sep 1016Silver ExplorerCairns to Lautoka$13,800$
Sep 117Silver Origin to San Cristobal$10,800$
Sep 1213Silver MuseRoundtrip Tokyo$11,600$
Sep 1514Silver WindReykjavík to London (Tower Bridge)$11,000$
Sep 1714Silver CloudNome to Vancouver$12,200$
Sep 187Silver OriginSan Cristobal to $10,800$
Sep 257Silver Origin to San Cristobal$10,800$
Sep 2612Silver ExplorerLautoka to $10,500$
Sep 2913Silver WindLondon (Tower Bridge) to Lisbon$9,500$
Oct 019Silver CloudVancouver to San Diego$7,500$
Oct 0722Silver Explorer to Valparaíso$20,500$
Oct 1018Silver CloudSan Diego to $11,000$
Oct 1217Silver WindLisbon to Dakar$13,800$
Oct 2817Silver Cloud to Punta Arenas$12,200$
Oct 2922Silver WindDakar to Buenos Aires$14,900$
Oct 2912Silver ExplorerValparaíso to Ushuaia$9,400$
Nov 0116Silver Moon to Dubai$7,700$

2022 Exotic Expeditions Available Cruises

Feb 2421Silver CloudUshuaia to Cape Town$16,000$
Mar 0219Silver WindUshuaia to Buenos Aires$16,600$
Mar 1724Silver CloudCape Town to Mauritius / Port Louis$23,300$

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