Silversea Cruises Destinations

Africa, Arabia, & The India Ocean Cruises

Africa, Arabia, & The India Ocean CruisesAfrica is the cradle of mankind's evolution. It is at once an awe inspiring continent, but yet very humbling. It is a continent of vast contrasts, with its northern half mostly desert, and whose sout... Read More

Alaska Cruises

Alaska CruisesAn Alaskan Cruise maybe the ultimate experience as you travel through some of the most pristine, ecologically unspoiled areas left on the planet. Your Alaskan Cruise adventure along the inner passage ... Read More

Antarctica Cruises

Antarctica CruisesIf you ever wanted to be an astronaut and visit distant, ice covered planets, but you just missed the final cut, you can still redeem yourself and partially fulfill those dreams by taking an expeditio... Read More

Arctic Cruises

Arctic CruisesThe great secret about the Arctic is that there is an "Elsewhere." Vast in scope and spectacular in view, the Arctic sits above 60 degrees north and stretches across the entire top of the world, from... Read More

Asia Cruises

Asia CruisesA Southeast Asia Cruise will lay out a vibrant kaleidoscope of sights and sounds of a region that is one of the most physically and culturally diverse parts of the world. Passengers will long remember... Read More

Australia and New Zealand Cruises

Australia and New Zealand CruisesYour cruising adventure of Australia and New Zealand, known affectionately by its residents as the "World Down Under," will be a vibrant and exhilarating experience of exciting cities, magnificent bea... Read More

Caribbean Cruises

Caribbean CruisesIf you had to describe the essence of a Caribbean cruise in one word, it would have to be serene; clear bright, unclouded, not disturbed or troubled, calm, peaceful, tranquil, quiet. If you would like... Read More

Exotic Expedition Cruises

Exotic Expedition CruisesThere are still lands out there untouched by time or tourists, tribal villages where few Westerners have ever set foot, uncharted atolls and vast yet fragile rainforests where nature still reigns supr... Read More

Galapagos Cruises

Galapagos CruisesIf there were a dozen or so dinosaurs left on earth, you would probably find them all somewhere in the Galapagos Islands archipelago. Visiting these islands is not just a history course on the enviro... Read More

Hawaii & South Pacific Cruises

Hawaii & South Pacific CruisesA Hawaiian Polynesian cruise may be just the thing you need to relax and revitalize your inner self. If you are in the mood to just leave your cares behind for a while, take advantage of a Hawaiian Po... Read More

Mediterranean Cruises

Mediterranean CruisesThe opportunities that await you on a Mediterranean Cruise are so vast and magnificent in scope that to be fair, they have to be broken down into their own fascinating segments. Whether you embark or ... Read More

New England & Canada Cruises

New England & Canada CruisesA New England/Canadian fall cruise is the perfect opportunity to sit back and appreciate the work of Mother Nature as she dips her paint brushes into the subtle hues of oranges, reds and yellows to pa... Read More

Northern Europe Cruises

Northern Europe CruisesThe Baltic Sea washes the shores of Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russia and Estonia, making it one of the most dynamic regions in the world. As your Baltic Cruise adventure takes you from the heritage of... Read More

South America Cruises

South America CruisesA South American cruise offers so many wonderful alternative options, that it may be the best moment to combine cruise legs. You will have the opportunity to select a South American cruise along the e... Read More

Trans-ocean Cruises

Trans-ocean CruisesHave you ever had that feeling that life was passing you by at the speed of sound and you just could not seem to slow it down? The demands of everyday living; be here today, be there tomorrow, get it... Read More

World Cruises

World CruisesChoose the full world cruise or one or more of five destination-rich voyages with individual journeys ranging from 16 to 22 days.... Read More

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