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Silversea Cruises to the Arctic

Embark on an amazing adventure with Silversea. Expedition destinations include the frozen polar regions of Antarctica and the Arctic, Europe’s remote northern isles, Norway’s breathtaking fjords and the tropical beauty of Latin America. New for 2012, Silver Explorer international expeditions include Franz Josef Land in the Russian Arctic and three itineraries that explore the cultures along Africa’s less visited western coast. Every journey is new and unique, every day unlike any that has come before. Itineraries are unstructured by design. Following only a tentative schedule allows for moment-by-moment flexibility. Stay longer at expedition destination sites of particular interest, or make slight detours whenever weather, nature or mere curiosity dictate. Your Expedition Leader will work closely with the Captain to ensure opportunities for adventure and exploration are the best possible, based on prevailing weather, wildlife activity and sea/ice conditions.

From the sea level perspective of an authentic Silversea Expedition cruise, Arctic Circle wonders are at their most magnificent. Discover towering snow-capped mountains and glacier-filled bays. Observe vast colonies of seabirds nesting among coastal cliffs and walrus snuggled together for a snooze. Silver Explorer Arctic cruises venture deep into remote regions at the top of the world in search of reindeer, Arctic fox, seals, walrus, whales and, the most impressive of all – the polar bear.

Learn of Viking legends and the history of whaling as we sail across increasingly northern latitudes on an expedition cruise. Here, daylight stretches well into the evening hours, allowing more time to scan the surrounding waters for the fluke of a whale’s tail or signs of the mythical narwhal with their characteristic long single tusk. New for 2012, Silversea’s Arctic cruises explore Russia’s White Sea, Novaya Zemlya and the otherworldly terrain of the Franz Josef Land archipelago. This rare itinerary follows a route once restricted by the Iron Curtain and even now accessible only during summer’s warmest months.

Arctic Available Cruises

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2022 Arctic Available Cruises

Jun 149Silver WindRoundtrip $10,890$
Jun 236Silver WindRoundtrip $8,010$
Jun 299Silver WindRoundtrip $10,260$
Jul 0813Silver Wind to Reykjavík$15,030$
Jul 119Silver CloudRoundtrip $10,260$
Jul 206Silver CloudRoundtrip $7,920$
Jul 2111Silver WindReykjavík to Kangerlussuaq$14,040$
Jul 266Silver CloudRoundtrip $7,920$
Aug 017Silver WindRoundtrip Kangerlussuaq$9,450$
Aug 0114Silver Cloud to Reykjavík$15,930$
Aug 0816Silver WindRoundtrip Kangerlussuaq$18,360$
Aug 2424Silver WindKangerlussuaq to Nome$43,650$
Sep 1718Silver WindNome to Vancouver$17,460$

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