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Go west to find gold. Where salmon run upstream through cascading falls, bears trundle from their deep forest home to feast, and at the end of the Tracy Arm fjord seals bask on the bergs of Sawyer Glacier. Misty Fjords National Monument is an unspoiled paradise of ice fields, glaciers and rugged mountains. From the Barbary Coast to Big Sur, savor 17-Mile Drives seaside vistas, towering forests of ancient redwoods and colonial Spanish mansions. Indulge in the gourmet delights of San Francisco's Chinatown and Fisherman's Wharf, Napa Valleys lush vineyards or one of Seattle's signature coffees. Reel in a magnificent catch or watch mighty whales on their annual migration along the coast of British Columbia.

Silversea's luxury Alaska cruises take you on an insider's path along the Inside Passage. There are diamond-blue icebergs, rushing mountain streams, waterfalls and flowers of every colour. Here you'll find the biggest bears, the largest gathering of bald eagles anywhere, and more than half of the world's entire population of humpback whales. Experience Alaska's grandeur up close and in person aboard an intimate Silversea Alaska cruise.

Alaska Available Cruises

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2022 Alaska Available Cruises

Jun 027Silver MuseSeward to Vancouver$4,320$
Jun 097Silver ShadowSeward to Vancouver$4,590$
Jun 097Silver MuseVancouver to Seward$4,410$
Jun 167Silver ShadowVancouver to Seward$4,320$
Jun 167Silver MuseSeward to Vancouver$4,680$
Jun 237Silver ShadowSeward to Vancouver$4,320$
Jun 237Silver MuseVancouver to Seward$4,950$
Jun 307Silver ShadowVancouver to Seward$4,860$
Jun 307Silver MuseSeward to Vancouver$5,040$
Jul 077Silver MuseVancouver to Seward$5,040$
Jul 077Silver ShadowSeward to Vancouver$4,770$
Jul 147Silver ShadowVancouver to Seward$4,860$
Jul 147Silver MuseSeward to Vancouver$5,130$
Jul 217Silver ShadowSeward to Vancouver$4,860$
Jul 217Silver MuseVancouver to Seward$5,130$
Jul 287Silver MuseSeward to Vancouver$5,130$
Aug 047Silver MuseVancouver to Seward$4,950$
Aug 047Silver ShadowSeward to Vancouver$4,590$
Aug 117Silver MuseSeward to Vancouver$4,950$
Aug 117Silver ShadowVancouver to Seward$4,680$
Aug 187Silver MuseVancouver to Seward$4,770$
Aug 187Silver ShadowSeward to Vancouver$4,680$
Aug 257Silver MuseSeward to Vancouver$4,770$
Sep 017Silver ShadowSeward to Vancouver$4,410$
Sep 017Silver MuseVancouver to Seward$4,500$

2023 Alaska Available Cruises

May 117Silver MuseSeward to Vancouver$4,800$
May 187Silver MuseVancouver to Seward$4,700$
May 187Silver WhisperSeward to Vancouver$4,700$
May 257Silver MuseSeward to Vancouver$4,700$
May 257Silver WhisperVancouver to Seward$4,800$
Jun 017Silver MuseVancouver to Seward$4,700$
Jun 017Silver WhisperSeward to Vancouver$4,700$
Jun 087Silver MuseSeward to Vancouver$4,700$
Jun 087Silver WhisperVancouver to Seward$4,800$
Jun 157Silver MuseVancouver to Seward$4,700$
Jun 157Silver WhisperSeward to Vancouver$4,700$
Jun 227Silver WhisperVancouver to Seward$5,600$
Jun 227Silver MuseSeward to Vancouver$5,700$
Jun 297Silver MuseVancouver to Seward$5,700$
Jun 297Silver WhisperSeward to Vancouver$5,600$
Jul 067Silver MuseSeward to Vancouver$5,700$
Jul 067Silver WhisperVancouver to Seward$5,600$
Jul 137Silver MuseVancouver to Seward$5,700$
Jul 137Silver WhisperSeward to Vancouver$5,600$
Jul 207Silver MuseSeward to Vancouver$5,700$
Jul 207Silver WhisperVancouver to Seward$5,600$
Jul 277Silver MuseVancouver to Seward$5,700$
Jul 277Silver WhisperSeward to Vancouver$5,600$
Aug 037Silver MuseSeward to Vancouver$5,300$
Aug 037Silver WhisperVancouver to Seward$5,200$
Aug 107Silver MuseVancouver to Seward$5,200$
Aug 107Silver WhisperSeward to Vancouver$5,200$
Aug 177Silver MuseSeward to Vancouver$5,200$
Aug 177Silver WhisperVancouver to Seward$5,200$
Aug 247Silver MuseVancouver to Seward$5,200$
Aug 247Silver WhisperSeward to Vancouver$5,200$
Aug 317Silver MuseSeward to Vancouver$4,700$
Aug 317Silver WhisperVancouver to Seward$4,700$

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