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When you complete your first Silversea voyage, you become part of an exclusive circle of friends — the Venetian Society. Membership in Silversea's cruise loyalty programme is an open door to a world of exclusivity, an extraordinary fellowship of international travellers who enjoy the Silversea lifestyle while exploring the world in luxurious fashion and receiving members-only benefits and cruise rewards. This could include 5% off on every cruise, additional savings on select sailings, onboard recognition, invitations to private events and ship visitation privileges.

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2021 Silversea Cruises

Dec 0912Silver SpiritRoundtrip Ft. Lauderdale$4,950$
Dec 098Silver WhisperBarbados / Bridgetown to Ft. Lauderdale$3,800$
Dec 117Silver OriginRoundtrip $9,450$
Dec 1710Silver WhisperFt. Lauderdale to Barbados / Bridgetown$4,320$

2022 Silversea Cruises

Jan 25167Silver CloudUshuaia to TromsoCall for Availability
Feb 2610Silver ExplorerRoundtrip Puerto Williams$10,000$
Mar 0821Silver ExplorerPuerto Williams to Cape Town$14,220$
Mar 1814Silver DawnFt. Lauderdale to Lisbon$5,670$
Mar 1813Silver SpiritBarbados / Bridgetown to Lisbon$5,200$
Mar 2111Silver DawnHamilton to LisbonCall for Availability
Mar 317Silver SpiritLisbon to Barcelona$4,500$
Apr 017Silver DawnLisbon to Barcelona$5,310$
Apr 027Silver OriginRoundtrip $11,700$
Apr 077Silver SpiritBarcelona to Civitavecchia (Rome)$4,680$
Apr 0810Silver DawnBarcelona to Civitavecchia (Rome)$7,020$
Apr 1111Silver MoonVenice to Civitavecchia (Rome)$7,200$
Apr 227Silver MoonCivitavecchia (Rome) to Barcelona$4,860$
Apr 2712Silver DawnVenice to Civitavecchia (Rome)$8,100$
Apr 297Silver MoonBarcelona to Lisbon$5,760$
Apr 307Silver OriginRoundtrip $11,880$
May 0618Silver ShadowSingapore to Tokyo$8,550$
May 0614Silver MuseTokyo to Seward$6,400$
May 0613Silver ShadowSingapore to Hong Kong$7,000$
May 0915Silver ShadowBangkok to Tokyo$7,470$
May 195Silver ShadowHong Kong to Tokyo$3,500$
May 267Silver MuseVancouver to Seward$4,590$
Jun 0114Silver WhisperHamburg to London (Greenwich)$8,910$
Jun 097Silver ShadowSeward to Vancouver$4,500$
Jun 117Silver OriginRoundtrip $11,430$
Jun 167Silver ShadowVancouver to Seward$4,230$
Jun 217Silver MoonCopenhagen to Stockholm$6,210$
Jun 237Silver ShadowSeward to Vancouver$5,130$
Jun 237Silver MuseVancouver to Seward$5,310$
Jun 2411Silver Whisper to Reykjavík$7,020$
Jun 307Silver ShadowVancouver to Seward$5,130$
Jul 206Silver CloudRoundtrip $8,010$
Aug 017Silver WindRoundtrip Kangerlussuaq$9,540$
Aug 0114Silver Cloud to Reykjavík$16,020$
Aug 0317Silver ExplorerDarwin to Fremantle / Perth$14,220$
Aug 067Silver OriginRoundtrip $11,340$
Aug 1014Silver Whisper to Reykjavík$9,630$
Aug 117Silver ShadowVancouver to Seward$4,860$
Aug 187Silver ShadowSeward to Vancouver$4,860$
Aug 2017Silver ExplorerFremantle / Perth to Darwin$14,220$
Aug 227Silver MoonCopenhagen to Stockholm$5,940$
Aug 257Silver MuseSeward to Vancouver$5,130$
Sep 017Silver ShadowSeward to Vancouver$4,410$
Sep 0814Silver MuseSeward to Osaka$5,670$
Sep 0818Silver ShadowVancouver to Tokyo$6,930$
Sep 107Silver OriginRoundtrip $10,890$
Sep 1718Silver WindNome to Vancouver$17,550$
Sep 2717Silver CloudLisbon to Dakar$14,400$
Oct 017Silver OriginRoundtrip $10,800$
Oct 0511Silver WindVancouver to San Diego$8,100$
Oct 0714Silver MuseRoundtrip Osaka$9,270$
Oct 117Silver MoonBarcelona to Lisbon$4,680$
Oct 1415Silver CloudDakar to Rio de Janeiro$8,460$
Oct 1710Silver ShadowRoundtrip Tokyo$7,110$
Oct 2714Silver ShadowTokyo to Hong Kong$9,000$
Oct 2711Silver WindPuntarenas to Guayaquil$6,300$
Oct 3014Silver MoonLisbon to Barbados / Bridgetown$5,490$
Nov 0212Silver Whisper to Barbados / Bridgetown$5,580$
Nov 027Silver DawnBarcelona to Lisbon$4,950$
Nov 0711Silver WindGuayaquil to Valparaíso$6,570$
Nov 0720Silver CloudBuenos Aires to Ushuaia$19,530$
Nov 0912Silver DawnLisbon to Dakar$7,200$
Nov 1014Silver ShadowHong Kong to Singapore$7,650$
Nov 127Silver OriginRoundtrip $10,350$
Nov 1312Silver ExplorerValparaíso to Puerto Williams$9,900$
Nov 1418Silver WhisperBarbados / Bridgetown to Valparaíso$8,640$
Nov 2112Silver DawnDakar to Lisbon$7,200$
Nov 2117Silver SpiritAthens / Piraeus to Dubai$8,640$
Nov 2710Silver CloudRoundtrip Ushuaia$11,610$
Nov 285Silver ExplorerRoundtrip $13,950$
Dec 0220Silver WhisperValparaíso to $10,890$
Dec 0218Silver MuseSingapore to Sydney$10,170$
Dec 0210Silver WindRoundtrip Ushuaia$12,780$
Dec 0313Silver DawnLisbon to Ft. Lauderdale$5,400$
Dec 0516Silver MoonBarbados / Bridgetown to Lima / Callao$7,920$
Dec 0813Silver ShadowSingapore to Bali / Benoa$6,930$
Dec 1210Silver WindRoundtrip Ushuaia$13,500$
Dec 199Silver ExplorerRoundtrip $23,310$

2023 Silversea Cruises

Jan 0514Silver SpiritSingapore to Hong Kong$7,560$
Jan 0511Silver DawnRoundtrip Ft. Lauderdale$5,490$
Jan 0512Silver WindRoundtrip Ushuaia$15,120$
Jan 167Silver DawnFt. Lauderdale to San Juan$3,420$
Jan 1612Silver CloudRoundtrip Ushuaia$15,120$
Feb 1216Silver MuseCairns to Singapore$9,360$
Feb 1810Silver WindRoundtrip Ushuaia$12,780$
Feb 2418Silver WhisperSydney to Singapore$9,360$
Feb 277Silver DawnRoundtrip San Juan$3,600$
Mar 0610Silver MoonBarbados / Bridgetown to Ft. Lauderdale$6,210$
Mar 067Silver DawnSan Juan to Barbados / Bridgetown$3,780$
Mar 0816Silver SpiritSingapore to Mumbai (Bombay)$8,370$
Mar 1612Silver MoonFt. Lauderdale to Lisbon$4,590$
Mar 2312Silver DawnBarbados / Bridgetown to Lisbon$4,680$
Mar 239Silver DawnBarbados / Bridgetown to Madeira / Funchal$4,300$
Apr 017Silver OriginRoundtrip $12,150$
May 0514Silver WhisperTokyo to Seward$6,030$
May 117Silver MuseSeward to Vancouver$4,600$

Terms and Conditions

On select voyages, past guests of Silversea save an additional percentage as indicated by voyage. Savings are capacity controlled, subject to availability and may change at any time without notice.

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