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Let your passion for adventure lead you southward to lands of stunning natural wonder. To mystical Machu Picchu fortress city of the ancient Incas. To the primeval rainforest of the Amazon, where alligators take the sun amid giant water lilies, pink dolphins zig-zag before the ships bow and howler monkeys call a screeching greeting from high atop the lush canopy. Witness the confluence of mighty waters where the yellow Amazon swirls together with the clear waters of the Tapajs and Rio Negro. Journey inland to the magnificent Iguaz Falls awesome rivers of cascading water plummet from an emerald jungle. Sail through the Chilean fjords to discover the astounding yet serene San Rafael glacier. Encounter penguins, sea lions, dolphins and killer whales; and hundreds of species of birds found nowhere else on earth.

A quest in search of unequalled beauty, of destinations unique and timeless.

Silversea's South America cruises and Amazon cruises invite you to experience the colourful cultures and natural beauty of this vast continent. Navigate through the Chilean fjords as scenic passages unfold one after another. Hear the roar of glaciers as they calve before your very eyes. Travel the Amazon and step back in time to study the past. Silversea's all-inclusive cruises to South America offer excursions to some of the world's greatest archaeological sites: Machu Picchu, Chan Chan, and the giant stone monoliths of Easter Island.

Silversea's South America cruises bring the region's dramatic diversity into dazzling focus with outstanding enrichment programmes and exclusive small-group tours. Explore the floating islands of Lake Titicaca, a topaz jewel sky-high in the Andes. Sail along the world's mightiest river into the heart of the Amazon. Observe cavorting penguins. Watch gauchos at work. And get into the spirit of the tango in Buenos Aires.

South America Available Cruises

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2017 South America Available Cruises

Oct 1311Silver MuseFt. Lauderdale to Lima / Callao$6,050$
Oct 1318Silver MuseFt. Lauderdale to Valparaíso$9,900$
Oct 247Silver MuseLima / Callao to Valparaíso$3,850$
Oct 3117Silver MuseValparaíso to Buenos Aires$13,500$
Nov 178Silver MuseBuenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro$2,500$
Nov 1714Silver MuseBuenos Aires to Fortaleza$4,200$
Nov 177Silver MuseBuenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro$2,300$
Nov 1711Silver MuseBuenos Aires to Bahia de Salvador$3,500$
Nov 1719Silver MuseBuenos Aires to Barbados / Bridgetown$10,100$
Nov 1818Silver WhisperRoundtrip Barbados / Bridgetown$6,000$
Nov 1810Silver WhisperBarbados / Bridgetown to Manaus$3,330$
Nov 2511Silver MuseRio de Janeiro to Barbados / Bridgetown$3,300$
Nov 288Silver WhisperManaus to Barbados / Bridgetown$2,670$
Dec 015Silver MuseFortaleza to Barbados / Bridgetown$1,500$

2018 South America Available Cruises

Jan 0318Silver MuseFt. Lauderdale to Valparaíso$8,370$
Jan 0312Silver MuseFt. Lauderdale to Lima / Callao$3,900$
Jan 156Silver MuseLima / Callao to Valparaíso$1,900$
Jan 2116Silver MuseValparaíso to Buenos Aires$9,540$
Feb 0610Silver MuseBuenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro$5,220$
Feb 1625Silver MuseRio de Janeiro to Ft. Lauderdale$8,010$
Feb 1620Silver MuseRio de Janeiro to Barbados / Bridgetown$7,000$
Feb 2021Silver MuseBahia de Salvador to Ft. Lauderdale$7,000$
Feb 2016Silver MuseBahia de Salvador to Barbados / Bridgetown$5,600$
Feb 2318Silver MuseFortaleza to Ft. Lauderdale$6,300$
Feb 2313Silver MuseFortaleza to Barbados / Bridgetown$4,600$
Mar 026Silver MuseManaus to Barbados / Bridgetown$2,000$
Mar 0211Silver MuseManaus to Ft. Lauderdale$4,200$
Mar 085Silver MuseBarbados / Bridgetown to Ft. Lauderdale$1,800$

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