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Past and present swirl in a kaleidoscope of images. A region of enchanted landscapes from Thailands Phang Nga Bay to the gold-plated stupas of the Golden Dragon, Myanmars most sacred Buddhist site. Magical lands where red-robed monks ring temple bells from Da Nang to Mandalay and blue wafts of incense rise in venerable pagodas. Exotic Vietnamese cuisine and culture in the Ho Chi Minh City.

Let the fabled islands of Indonesia embrace you with their exotic beauty. Silversea's Asia cruises explore Vietnam – a seemingly endless patchwork of rice paddies, colourful markets and entrepreneurial energy. Cruises to Asia journey between ancient glories and modern-day miracles from Beijing with its Great Wall and Forbidden City to booming Shanghai … from Tokyo's flashing neon lights to Nagasaki's beautiful bay … from high-tech Taiwan to Kyoto, cultural fountainhead of Classical Japan.

Unforgettable places where you will be warmly greeted in a dozen tongues and leave with a thousand memories.

Asia Available Cruises

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2019 Asia Available Cruises

Feb 017Silver ShadowRoundtrip Hong Kong$5,000$
Feb 0814Silver ShadowHong Kong to Singapore$8,300$
Feb 086Silver ShadowHong Kong to Ho Chi Minh City$3,000$
Feb 2214Silver ShadowSingapore to Hong Kong$8,300$
Feb 226Silver ShadowSingapore to Ho Chi Minh City$3,200$
Mar 087Silver MuseBali / Benoa to Manila$3,720$
Mar 084Silver ShadowHong Kong to Ho Chi Minh City$2,280$
Mar 0813Silver MuseBali / Benoa to Singapore$6,100$
Mar 0813Silver ShadowHong Kong to Singapore$7,500$
Mar 156Silver MuseManila to Singapore$3,180$
Mar 2113Silver MuseSingapore to Hong Kong$8,500$
Mar 215Silver ShadowSingapore to Yangon / Rangoon$2,300$
Mar 2112Silver ShadowRoundtrip Singapore$5,500$
Mar 217Silver MuseSingapore to Ho Chi Minh City$3,770$
Mar 267Silver ShadowYangon / Rangoon to Singapore$3,200$
Mar 286Silver MuseHo Chi Minh City to Hong Kong$3,230$
Apr 0313Silver MuseHong Kong to Tokyo$9,600$
Apr 1613Silver MuseRoundtrip Tokyo$11,300$
Apr 2913Silver MuseRoundtrip Tokyo$11,100$
Sep 2714Silver MuseRoundtrip Tokyo$7,650$
Oct 1110Silver MuseRoundtrip Tokyo$6,930$
Oct 2114Silver MuseTokyo to Hong Kong$7,290$
Nov 0411Silver MuseHong Kong to Laem Chabang (Bangkok)$5,094$
Nov 0414Silver MuseHong Kong to Singapore$6,210$
Dec 0714Silver SpiritSingapore to Hong Kong$5,400$
Dec 1110Silver SpiritLaem Chabang (Bangkok) to Hong Kong$4,050$
Dec 2114Silver SpiritHong Kong to Singapore$6,840$
Dec 2312Silver SpiritManila to Singapore$6,021$

2020 Asia Available Cruises

Jan 0414Silver SpiritSingapore to Hong Kong$6,300$
Jan 0810Silver SpiritLaem Chabang (Bangkok) to Hong Kong$4,761$
Jan 1814Silver SpiritHong Kong to Laem Chabang (Bangkok)$5,130$
Jan 1811Silver SpiritHong Kong to Ho Chi Minh City$4,311$
Feb 0114Silver SpiritLaem Chabang (Bangkok) to Hong Kong$5,130$
Feb 0111Silver SpiritLaem Chabang (Bangkok) to Ho Chi Minh City$4,311$
Feb 1511Silver SpiritHong Kong to Laem Chabang (Bangkok)$5,166$
Feb 1514Silver SpiritHong Kong to Singapore$5,760$
Apr 1816Silver MuseSingapore to Tokyo$6,930$

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