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Experience travel that is far more personal on a voyage with Silversea. Easily navigating through narrow waterways, hugging the coastline, our intimate ships can get you closer to the places you visit. They can transit the Kiel Canal into the Baltic while others must take the long way around. It is this flexibility and sense of personal freedom that is so treasured by Silversea guests. And now, for a limited-time, you can enjoy FREE Roundtrip Air or Business Class Upgrade from just $699 Each Way on our most popular Northern Europe voyages selected below.

In case Promotional Flights are not available, we are pleased to offer a $900 Air credit.

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2020 Silversea Cruises

Apr 3013Silver WindBarcelona to London (Tower Bridge)$5,670$
May 069Silver WhisperCivitavecchia (Rome) to Dublin$4,400$
May 1312Silver WindRoundtrip London (Tower Bridge)$7,920$
May 1510Silver WhisperDublin to Amsterdam$6,600$
May 2512Silver WhisperAmsterdam to London (Greenwich)$6,660$
May 2514Silver WindLondon (Tower Bridge) to Stockholm$8,730$
Jun 0612Silver WhisperLondon (Greenwich) to Reykjavík$8,460$
Jun 117Silver SpiritCivitavecchia (Rome) to Barcelona$4,410$
Jun 1316Silver WindStockholm to Reykjavík$8,910$
Jun 138Silver WindStockholm to Oslo$5,500$
Jun 1815Silver WhisperReykjavík to London (Greenwich)$8,910$
Jun 2510Silver SpiritLisbon to London (Greenwich)$4,950$
Jun 299Silver WindRoundtrip Reykjavík$8,460$
Jul 0315Silver WhisperRoundtrip London (Greenwich)$8,190$
Jul 0512Silver SpiritLondon (Greenwich) to Copenhagen$7,020$
Jul 0812Silver WindReykjavík to London (Tower Bridge)$8,730$
Jul 1710Silver SpiritRoundtrip Copenhagen$6,750$
Jul 189Silver WhisperLondon (Greenwich) to Lisbon$5,040$
Jul 2012Silver WindLondon (Tower Bridge) to Copenhagen$8,460$
Jul 277Silver SpiritCopenhagen to Stockholm$5,760$
Aug 0112Silver WindCopenhagen to London (Tower Bridge)$7,740$
Aug 037Silver SpiritStockholm to Copenhagen$5,490$
Aug 1010Silver SpiritRoundtrip Copenhagen$6,750$
Aug 207Silver SpiritCopenhagen to Stockholm$5,400$
Aug 277Silver SpiritStockholm to Copenhagen$5,400$
Sep 035Silver SpiritCopenhagen to Amsterdam$3,300$
Sep 0311Silver SpiritCopenhagen to London (Greenwich)$6,210$
Sep 1411Silver SpiritLondon (Greenwich) to Lisbon$6,390$

2021 Silversea Cruises

May 2615Silver SpiritBarcelona to Southampton$7,700$
Jun 1012Silver SpiritSouthampton to Copenhagen$7,200$
Jun 2014Silver WhisperSouthampton to Reykjavík$8,800$
Jun 227Silver SpiritCopenhagen to Stockholm$5,500$
Jun 297Silver SpiritStockholm to Copenhagen$5,500$
Jul 0410Silver WhisperRoundtrip Reykjavík$7,700$
Jul 0610Silver SpiritRoundtrip Copenhagen$6,600$
Jul 1412Silver WhisperReykjavík to $7,700$
Jul 167Silver SpiritCopenhagen to Stockholm$5,500$
Jul 237Silver SpiritStockholm to Copenhagen$5,500$
Jul 2612Silver WhisperRoundtrip $8,800$
Jul 3010Silver SpiritRoundtrip Copenhagen$6,600$
Aug 0714Silver Whisper to Reykjavík$9,400$
Aug 097Silver SpiritCopenhagen to Stockholm$5,500$
Aug 167Silver SpiritStockholm to Copenhagen$5,500$
Aug 2110Silver WhisperRoundtrip Reykjavík$7,700$
Aug 2311Silver SpiritCopenhagen to Southampton$6,600$
Sep 0312Silver SpiritRoundtrip Southampton$7,700$
Sep 1512Silver SpiritRoundtrip Southampton$6,600$
Sep 2711Silver SpiritSouthampton to Lisbon$7,200$

Terms and Conditions

All Fares are in US/CAD Dollars, per guest, based on double-occupancy in a Vista suite. Fares are capacity controlled and subject to change at any time without notice. Promotional Business Class Air rate of USD 699 / CAD 999 is each-way based on trans-Atlantic travel from select U.S. and Canadian gateways; Economy Class Air is provided on domestic US/Canada flights and intra-European flights. Promotional air offer is valid only for guests from the United States and Canada. Silversea reserves the right to select the air carrier, routing and departure airport from each gateway city. The Promotional Business Class Air rate is only available to the first and second full-fare guests in a suite. Airline baggage fees are not included. Deviations to air travel dates are accepted at a charge of $150 per request plus all additional air costs. Due to flight schedules, some voyages may require an overnight hotel stay pre or post-cruise. This will be available for booking at an additional charge. In the event neither Business Class nor Economy Class air is available (determined at Silversea’s sole discretion) or for guests not utilizing the promotional air offer or for non-US/Canadian guests, a non-use Air credit in the amount of USD 900 / CAD 1,150 may be applied. In case of succeeding voyages made by the same customer (combo or multiple bookings) the non-use credit can be only applied once. Offer applies to new bookings made between 1 December, 2019 and 31 January, 2020. In case of succeeding voyages made by the same customer (combo or multiple bookings) the non-use credit can be only applied once. Additional restrictions may apply. Ships’ registry: Bahamas.

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