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Book and pay in full by March 31st, 2021 and save up to 20% on select voyages*

Whether you dream of a luxurious voyage with lavish surroundings or a thrilling expedition to the most remote places on the planet, take time now to plan ahead and save up to 20% on selected cruises. With voyages sailing to over 900 immersive destinations on all seven continents, the choices are remarkable and the savings are, too. Especially with everything else our fares include, from ocean-view suites, wines and spirits throughout the ship to free WiFi, included gratuities, a butler for every suite and more. *Excluding Full World Cruises.

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2021 Silversea Cruises

May 289Silver ExplorerDarwin to Call for Availability
Jun 057Silver Origin to Baltra, Galapagos$10,530$
Jun 069Silver Explorer to DarwinCall for Availability
Jun 0710Silver ShadowBarcelona to Athens / Piraeus$7,020$
Jun 1012Silver SpiritSouthampton to Copenhagen$6,080$
Jun 127Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $10,800$
Jun 1412Silver CloudLondon (Tower Bridge) to $7,440$
Jun 159Silver ExplorerDarwin to Call for Availability
Jun 1712Silver ShadowAthens / Piraeus to Venice$7,740$
Jun 197Silver Origin to Baltra, Galapagos$10,530$
Jun 2014Silver WhisperSouthampton to Reykjavík$8,370$
Jun 227Silver SpiritCopenhagen to Stockholm$5,130$
Jun 2410Silver Explorer to DarwinCall for Availability
Jun 2610Silver CloudRoundtrip $10,080$
Jun 267Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $11,700$
Jun 297Silver SpiritStockholm to Copenhagen$4,720$
Jul 037Silver Origin to Baltra, Galapagos$11,160$
Jul 0410Silver WhisperRoundtrip Reykjavík$7,470$
Jul 0410Silver ExplorerDarwin to Call for Availability
Jul 0610Silver SpiritRoundtrip Copenhagen$6,300$
Jul 0610Silver CloudRoundtrip $10,000$
Jul 067Silver ShadowVenice to Athens / Piraeus$5,220$
Jul 107Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $10,980$
Jul 1410Silver Explorer to DarwinCall for Availability
Jul 1412Silver WhisperReykjavík to $7,200$
Jul 1613Silver Cloud to Reykjavík$13,230$
Jul 167Silver SpiritCopenhagen to Stockholm$4,240$
Jul 177Silver Origin to Baltra, Galapagos$10,980$
Jul 237Silver SpiritStockholm to Copenhagen$5,130$
Jul 247Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $11,700$
Jul 2410Silver ExplorerDarwin to Call for Availability
Jul 2612Silver WhisperRoundtrip $7,280$
Jul 2710Silver ShadowCivitavecchia (Rome) to Venice$6,210$
Jul 2910Silver CloudReykjavík to Kangerlussuaq$12,330$
Jul 3010Silver SpiritRoundtrip Copenhagen$6,210$
Jul 317Silver Origin to Baltra, Galapagos$10,980$
Aug 0310Silver Explorer to DarwinCall for Availability
Aug 069Silver ShadowVenice to Athens / Piraeus$5,670$
Aug 0714Silver Whisper to Reykjavík$8,000$
Aug 077Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $11,160$
Aug 097Silver SpiritCopenhagen to Stockholm$5,130$
Aug 1310Silver ExplorerDarwin to Call for Availability
Aug 147Silver Origin to Baltra, Galapagos$11,160$
Aug 157Silver ShadowRoundtrip Athens / Piraeus$4,480$
Aug 167Silver SpiritStockholm to Copenhagen$5,130$
Aug 2110Silver WhisperRoundtrip Reykjavík$7,110$
Aug 217Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $11,070$
Aug 2311Silver SpiritCopenhagen to Southampton$6,210$
Aug 2318Silver Explorer to Cairns$10,260$
Aug 2712Silver ShadowAthens / Piraeus to Venice$7,200$
Aug 287Silver Origin to Baltra, Galapagos$11,070$
Sep 0312Silver SpiritRoundtrip Southampton$7,830$
Sep 047Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $10,890$
Sep 0812Silver ShadowVenice to Athens / Piraeus$7,380$
Sep 1016Silver ExplorerCairns to Lautoka$11,600$
Sep 117Silver Origin to Baltra, Galapagos$10,800$
Sep 1213Silver MuseRoundtrip Tokyo$9,720$
Sep 1512Silver SpiritRoundtrip Southampton$6,300$
Sep 167Silver MoonRoundtrip Athens / Piraeus$5,220$
Sep 187Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $11,160$
Sep 2015Silver ShadowRoundtrip Athens / Piraeus$12,780$
Sep 237Silver MoonAthens / Piraeus to Venice$4,950$
Sep 2510Silver MuseRoundtrip Tokyo$6,300$
Sep 257Silver Origin to Baltra, Galapagos$10,800$
Sep 2612Silver ExplorerLautoka to $10,530$
Sep 2711Silver SpiritSouthampton to Lisbon$6,660$
Sep 307Silver MoonVenice to Civitavecchia (Rome)$4,500$
Oct 027Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $10,800$
Oct 0511Silver MuseRoundtrip Tokyo$7,020$
Oct 0510Silver ShadowAthens / Piraeus to Civitavecchia (Rome)$6,570$
Oct 077Silver MoonCivitavecchia (Rome) to Venice$4,480$
Oct 0722Silver Explorer to Valparaíso$17,760$
Oct 0812Silver SpiritRoundtrip Lisbon$6,750$
Oct 097Silver Origin to Baltra, Galapagos$10,800$
Oct 149Silver MoonVenice to Athens / Piraeus$5,490$
Oct 159Silver ShadowCivitavecchia (Rome) to Barcelona$5,220$
Oct 167Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $9,720$
Oct 2010Silver SpiritLisbon to Barcelona$5,760$
Oct 237Silver Origin to Baltra, Galapagos$9,900$
Oct 2310Silver MuseHong Kong to $4,950$
Oct 239Silver MoonRoundtrip Athens / Piraeus$5,220$
Oct 2313Silver MuseHong Kong to Singapore$5,440$
Oct 2412Silver ShadowBarcelona to Lisbon$6,570$
Oct 2912Silver ExplorerValparaíso to Ushuaia$9,270$
Oct 3010Silver SpiritBarcelona to Athens / Piraeus$5,440$
Oct 307Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $9,900$
Nov 0116Silver MoonAthens / Piraeus to Dubai$7,380$
Nov 0510Silver ShadowLisbon to Civitavecchia (Rome)$4,880$
Nov 0512Silver MuseSingapore to Hong Kong$5,310$
Nov 067Silver Origin to Baltra, Galapagos$9,990$
Nov 0910Silver DawnBarcelona to Lisbon$6,300$
Nov 0910Silver SpiritAthens / Piraeus to Barcelona$5,440$
Nov 1018Silver ExplorerRoundtrip Ushuaia$18,880$
Nov 137Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $9,990$
Nov 1416Silver CloudPunta Arenas to Ushuaia$17,190$
Nov 159Silver ShadowCivitavecchia (Rome) to Athens / Piraeus$4,400$
Nov 1715Silver WhisperSan Juan to Ft. Lauderdale$5,280$
Nov 1712Silver MuseHong Kong to Singapore$5,310$
Nov 179Silver MoonDubai to Mumbai (Bombay)$3,960$
Nov 199Silver SpiritBarcelona to Lisbon$4,720$
Nov 1913Silver DawnLisbon to Ft. Lauderdale$5,580$
Nov 2022Silver WindBuenos Aires to Ushuaia$30,160$
Nov 207Silver Origin to Baltra, Galapagos$9,990$
Nov 2410Silver ShadowAthens / Piraeus to $7,020$
Nov 2614Silver MoonMumbai (Bombay) to Singapore$5,400$
Nov 277Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $9,990$
Nov 2810Silver ExplorerRoundtrip Ushuaia$12,480$
Nov 2811Silver SpiritLisbon to Ft. Lauderdale$3,760$
Nov 2918Silver MuseSingapore to Sydney$6,640$
Nov 3011Silver CloudRoundtrip Ushuaia$20,520$
Dec 0216Silver DawnFt. Lauderdale to Lima / Callao$7,200$
Dec 0213Silver MuseBali (Benoa) to Brisbane$5,040$
Dec 0215Silver MuseBali (Benoa) to Sydney$6,300$
Dec 0414Silver Shadow to Mumbai (Bombay)$4,240$
Dec 047Silver Origin to Baltra, Galapagos$10,170$
Dec 0912Silver SpiritRoundtrip Ft. Lauderdale$5,220$
Dec 1011Silver MoonSingapore to Hong Kong$4,480$
Dec 117Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $9,990$
Dec 1110Silver CloudRoundtrip Ushuaia$13,500$
Dec 116Silver ExplorerRoundtrip $14,560$
Dec 1210Silver WindRoundtrip Ushuaia$12,870$
Dec 176Silver ExplorerRoundtrip $16,560$
Dec 1710Silver WhisperFt. Lauderdale to Barbados / Bridgetown$4,680$
Dec 1717Silver MuseSydney to Auckland$8,910$
Dec 1817Silver ShadowMumbai (Bombay) to Singapore$7,290$
Dec 1813Silver ShadowMumbai (Bombay) to Phuket$6,030$
Dec 1811Silver Origin to Baltra, Galapagos$17,010$
Dec 1816Silver DawnLima / Callao to Ft. Lauderdale$7,290$
Dec 1915Silver MuseMelbourne to Auckland$8,370$
Dec 2115Silver CloudRoundtrip Ushuaia$18,540$
Dec 2113Silver SpiritRoundtrip Ft. Lauderdale$5,580$
Dec 2115Silver MoonHong Kong to Singapore$6,750$
Dec 2218Silver WindRoundtrip Ushuaia$22,230$
Dec 236Silver ExplorerRoundtrip $16,830$
Dec 279Silver WhisperBarbados / Bridgetown to Ft. Lauderdale$4,050$
Dec 2910Silver OriginRoundtrip Baltra, Galapagos$15,750$
Dec 296Silver ExplorerRoundtrip $16,920$

2022 Silversea Cruises

Jan 0315Silver MuseAuckland to Sydney$7,560$
Jan 0316Silver DawnFt. Lauderdale to Lima / Callao$7,650$
Jan 0311Silver SpiritRoundtrip Ft. Lauderdale$3,840$
Jan 0313Silver MuseAuckland to Melbourne$7,110$
Jan 0415Silver ShadowSingapore to Cairns$6,640$
Jan 0514Silver MoonSingapore to Hong Kong$5,760$
Jan 0510Silver CloudRoundtrip Ushuaia$14,940$
Jan 0710Silver ExplorerRoundtrip Ushuaia$12,960$
Jan 087Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $10,980$
Jan 0811Silver Moon to Hong Kong$5,310$
Jan 0910Silver WindRoundtrip Ushuaia$12,560$
Jan 1411Silver SpiritRoundtrip Ft. Lauderdale$4,770$
Jan 1510Silver CloudRoundtrip Ushuaia$14,940$
Jan 157Silver Origin to Baltra, Galapagos$11,610$
Jan 1816Silver MuseSydney to Auckland$8,460$
Jan 1921Silver DawnLima / Callao to Buenos Aires$10,530$
Jan 1912Silver MoonRoundtrip Hong Kong$5,120$
Jan 1910Silver WindRoundtrip Ushuaia$14,850$
Jan 1913Silver ShadowCairns to Melbourne$6,570$
Jan 1915Silver ShadowCairns to Sydney$6,400$
Jan 2014Silver MuseMelbourne to Auckland$7,560$
Jan 227Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $11,610$
Jan 229Silver MoonManila to Hong Kong$4,500$
Jan 2518Silver CloudUshuaia to Valparaíso$19,620$
Jan 2511Silver SpiritFt. Lauderdale to Barbados / Bridgetown$4,500$
Jan 2720Silver ExplorerRoundtrip Ushuaia$27,450$
Jan 2910Silver WindRoundtrip Ushuaia$14,850$
Jan 297Silver Origin to Baltra, Galapagos$11,340$
Jan 3114Silver MoonHong Kong to Singapore$6,210$
Jan 3111Silver MoonHong Kong to $5,220$
Feb 0314Silver MuseAuckland to Melbourne$7,740$
Feb 0315Silver ShadowSydney to Auckland$7,120$
Feb 0316Silver MuseAuckland to Sydney$8,460$
Feb 057Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $11,340$
Feb 059Silver SpiritRoundtrip Barbados / Bridgetown$4,230$
Feb 0812Silver WindRoundtrip Ushuaia$16,920$
Feb 0921Silver DawnBuenos Aires to Manaus$8,280$
Feb 1222Silver CloudValparaíso to $20,610$
Feb 127Silver Origin to Baltra, Galapagos$11,430$
Feb 1411Silver SpiritBarbados / Bridgetown to Ft. Lauderdale$4,590$
Feb 1418Silver MoonSingapore to Mumbai (Bombay)$8,100$
Feb 1610Silver ExplorerRoundtrip Ushuaia$11,920$
Feb 1715Silver MoonPhuket to Mumbai (Bombay)$7,110$
Feb 1813Silver ShadowAuckland to Melbourne$6,400$
Feb 1815Silver ShadowAuckland to Sydney$7,040$
Feb 1915Silver MuseSydney to Bali (Benoa)$6,570$
Feb 197Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $11,340$
Feb 1918Silver MuseSydney to Singapore$7,290$
Feb 2010Silver WindRoundtrip Ushuaia$14,400$
Feb 2116Silver MuseMelbourne to Singapore$6,480$
Feb 2314Silver MuseAdelaide to Singapore$5,670$
Feb 267Silver Origin to Baltra, Galapagos$11,340$
Feb 2610Silver ExplorerRoundtrip Ushuaia$11,360$
Mar 0216Silver DawnManaus to Ft. Lauderdale$6,930$
Mar 0219Silver WindUshuaia to Buenos Aires$14,080$
Mar 0410Silver MoonMumbai (Bombay) to Dubai$4,500$
Mar 057Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $10,980$
Mar 0515Silver ShadowSydney to Auckland$7,740$
Mar 0611Silver Cloud to Lautoka$12,870$
Mar 0821Silver ExplorerUshuaia to Cape Town$14,940$
Mar 0916Silver MuseSingapore to Tokyo$6,560$
Mar 0912Silver MuseSingapore to Shanghai$5,670$
Mar 127Silver Origin to Baltra, Galapagos$10,980$
Mar 1416Silver MoonDubai to Athens / Piraeus$7,560$
Mar 1814Silver CloudLautoka to Cairns$16,020$
Mar 1814Silver DawnFt. Lauderdale to Lisbon$5,130$
Mar 197Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $11,610$
Mar 2013Silver ShadowAuckland to Melbourne$7,200$
Mar 2015Silver ShadowAuckland to Sydney$7,650$
Mar 2011Silver SpiritBarbados / Bridgetown to Lisbon$3,600$
Mar 2114Silver WindBuenos Aires to Fortaleza$7,740$
Mar 2514Silver MuseRoundtrip Tokyo$8,910$
Mar 267Silver Origin to Baltra, Galapagos$11,250$
Mar 2918Silver ExplorerCape Town to Zanzibar$16,830$
Mar 3012Silver MoonAthens / Piraeus to Venice$8,730$
Mar 317Silver SpiritLisbon to Barcelona$4,500$
Apr 0122Silver CloudCairns to Singapore$17,550$
Apr 017Silver DawnLisbon to Barcelona$4,320$
Apr 027Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $11,430$
Apr 0421Silver WindFortaleza to Barbados / Bridgetown$15,570$
Apr 0416Silver ShadowSydney to Cairns$7,560$
Apr 077Silver SpiritBarcelona to Civitavecchia (Rome)$4,590$
Apr 0810Silver DawnBarcelona to Civitavecchia (Rome)$5,940$
Apr 0814Silver MuseRoundtrip Tokyo$8,910$
Apr 097Silver Origin to Baltra, Galapagos$11,610$
Apr 119Silver ShadowMelbourne to Cairns$4,140$
Apr 1111Silver MoonVenice to Civitavecchia (Rome)$6,210$
Apr 1411Silver SpiritCivitavecchia (Rome) to Athens / Piraeus$6,390$
Apr 167Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $11,610$
Apr 1611Silver ExplorerZanzibar to Mahe$12,780$
Apr 189Silver DawnCivitavecchia (Rome) to Venice$5,310$
Apr 2016Silver ShadowCairns to Singapore$6,880$
Apr 227Silver MoonCivitavecchia (Rome) to Barcelona$4,590$
Apr 2214Silver MuseRoundtrip Tokyo$8,190$
Apr 2316Silver CloudSingapore to Cochin$11,790$
Apr 237Silver Origin to Baltra, Galapagos$11,430$
Apr 257Silver SpiritRoundtrip Athens / Piraeus$4,950$
Apr 258Silver WindBarbados / Bridgetown to Ft. Lauderdale$4,140$
Apr 297Silver MoonBarcelona to Lisbon$4,680$
Apr 307Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $11,790$
May 0211Silver SpiritRoundtrip Athens / Piraeus$7,200$
May 0311Silver WindFt. Lauderdale to $7,290$
May 0316Silver ExplorerColombo to Singapore$10,800$
May 0614Silver MuseTokyo to Seward$6,320$
May 0612Silver MoonLisbon to Southampton$7,920$
May 0618Silver ShadowSingapore to Tokyo$7,380$
May 077Silver Origin to Baltra, Galapagos$11,610$
May 0915Silver ShadowBangkok to Tokyo$6,480$
May 0919Silver CloudCochin to Athens / Piraeus$11,160$
May 1311Silver SpiritRoundtrip Athens / Piraeus$7,830$
May 147Silver OriginBaltra, Galapagos to $11,790$
May 1418Silver Wind to Southampton$11,880$
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