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2018 Silversea Cruises

Nov 167Silver SpiritBarbados / Bridgetown to San Juan$2,730$
Nov 1612Silver SpiritBarbados / Bridgetown to Ft. Lauderdale$4,800$
Nov 1611Silver DiscovererMauritius / Port Louis to Zanzibar$9,500$
Nov 177Silver GalapagosBaltra, Galapagos to San Cristobal$9,200$
Nov 1918Silver ExplorerRoundtrip Ushuaia$21,600$
Nov 1912Silver MuseHong Kong to Singapore$7,200$
Nov 2210Silver CloudRoundtrip Ushuaia$12,400$
Nov 235Silver SpiritSan Juan to Ft. Lauderdale$1,980$
Nov 247Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal to Baltra, Galapagos$8,300$
Nov 2414Silver ShadowSingapore to Bangkok$6,800$
Nov 2411Silver ShadowSingapore to Ho Chi Minh City$5,100$
Nov 246Silver ShadowSingapore to Manila$2,800$
Nov 268Silver WhisperBarbados / Bridgetown to San Juan$3,150$
Nov 2611Silver WhisperBarbados / Bridgetown to Ft. Lauderdale$4,200$
Nov 2716Silver DiscovererZanzibar to Durban$17,100$
Nov 284Silver SpiritFt. Lauderdale to San Juan$1,640$
Nov 2813Silver SpiritRoundtrip Ft. Lauderdale$5,700$
Nov 308Silver ShadowManila to Bangkok$3,700$
Dec 0112Silver MuseRoundtrip Singapore$6,300$
Dec 017Silver GalapagosBaltra, Galapagos to San Cristobal$8,200$
Dec 029Silver SpiritSan Juan to Ft. Lauderdale$3,560$
Dec 0210Silver CloudRoundtrip Ushuaia$12,400$
Dec 049Silver MusePhuket to Singapore$4,950$
Dec 0710Silver ExplorerRoundtrip Ushuaia$12,800$
Dec 0814Silver ShadowBangkok to Singapore$6,100$
Dec 087Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal to Baltra, Galapagos$8,200$
Dec 0812Silver ShadowBangkok to Ho Chi Minh City$5,600$
Dec 1110Silver SpiritRoundtrip Ft. Lauderdale$4,400$
Dec 1210Silver CloudRoundtrip Ushuaia$12,400$
Dec 138Silver Spirit to Ft. Lauderdale$3,520$
Dec 138Silver MuseSingapore to Bali / Benoa$4,700$
Dec 136Silver DiscovererDurban to Maputo$5,500$
Dec 156Silver MuseJakarta to Bali / Benoa$3,900$
Dec 157Silver GalapagosBaltra, Galapagos to San Cristobal$8,200$
Dec 1718Silver ExplorerRoundtrip Ushuaia$22,400$
Dec 1917Silver DiscovererMaputo to Mahe$13,400$
Dec 2017Silver WhisperFt. Lauderdale to San Francisco$9,700$
Dec 218Silver WindRoundtrip Barbados / Bridgetown$5,800$
Dec 2114Silver SpiritRoundtrip Ft. Lauderdale$7,800$
Dec 2116Silver MuseBali / Benoa to Sydney$9,300$
Dec 2114Silver MuseBali / Benoa to Brisbane$7,700$
Dec 223Silver ShadowSingapore to Bangkok$1,860$
Dec 227Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal to Baltra, Galapagos$13,900$
Dec 224Silver ShadowSingapore to Bangkok$2,490$
Dec 2214Silver ShadowSingapore to Hong Kong$8,700$
Dec 2215Silver CloudRoundtrip Ushuaia$23,200$
Dec 297Silver GalapagosBaltra, Galapagos to San Cristobal$13,600$
Dec 297Silver WindRoundtrip Barbados / Bridgetown$6,100$

2019 Silversea Cruises

Jan 0418Silver ExplorerRoundtrip Ushuaia$32,100$
Jan 0414Silver SpiritRoundtrip Ft. Lauderdale$6,700$
Jan 059Silver WindRoundtrip Barbados / Bridgetown$5,500$
Jan 056Silver ShadowHong Kong to Ho Chi Minh City$2,900$
Jan 0514Silver ShadowHong Kong to Singapore$9,600$
Jan 057Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal to Baltra, Galapagos$11,600$
Jan 0610Silver CloudRoundtrip Ushuaia$16,000$
Jan 06132Silver WhisperSan Francisco to London (Greenwich)$57,700$
Jan 0612Silver WhisperSan Francisco to Papeete$7,600$
Jan 0614Silver MuseSydney to Auckland$10,500$
Jan 1012Silver DiscovererMale to $11,300$
Jan 127Silver GalapagosBaltra, Galapagos to San Cristobal$9,400$
Jan 147Silver WindBarbados / Bridgetown to San Juan$5,000$
Jan 1610Silver CloudRoundtrip Ushuaia$16,100$
Jan 1811Silver SpiritRoundtrip Ft. Lauderdale$5,400$
Jan 1814Silver WhisperPapeete to Sydney$8,900$
Jan 197Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal to Baltra, Galapagos$9,600$
Jan 1913Silver ShadowSingapore to Hong Kong$9,100$
Jan 2013Silver MuseAuckland to Sydney$9,200$
Jan 217Silver WindSan Juan to Ft. Lauderdale$3,500$
Jan 2212Silver ExplorerRoundtrip Ushuaia$17,800$
Jan 2610Silver CloudRoundtrip Ushuaia$16,400$
Jan 267Silver GalapagosBaltra, Galapagos to San Cristobal$8,400$
Jan 2810Silver WindRoundtrip Ft. Lauderdale$5,300$
Jan 2910Silver SpiritFt. Lauderdale to San Juan$4,300$
Feb 017Silver ShadowRoundtrip Hong Kong$4,900$
Feb 027Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal to Baltra, Galapagos$9,700$
Feb 0215Silver MuseSydney to Auckland$10,900$
Feb 0214Silver WhisperSydney to Bali / Benoa$8,900$
Feb 0318Silver ExplorerRoundtrip Ushuaia$26,000$
Feb 0510Silver CloudRoundtrip Ushuaia$15,900$
Feb 077Silver WindFt. Lauderdale to San Juan$3,500$
Feb 086Silver ShadowHong Kong to Ho Chi Minh City$3,000$
Feb 087Silver SpiritRoundtrip San Juan$3,000$
Feb 0814Silver ShadowHong Kong to Singapore$8,200$
Feb 097Silver GalapagosBaltra, Galapagos to San Cristobal$10,400$
Feb 147Silver WindSan Juan to Ft. Lauderdale$3,400$
Feb 1510Silver CloudRoundtrip Ushuaia$16,100$
Feb 157Silver SpiritRoundtrip San Juan$3,400$
Feb 1614Silver WhisperBali / Benoa to Tokyo$8,900$

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