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Don't let these sail away! With our Last Minute Savings you can now get great value on a selection of worldwide voyages departing in the next few months. You will benefit from one-category suite upgrade AND an onboard credit of $1,000 per suite, which you can use for shore excursions, spa treatments, specialty restaurants and more.

* If the one-category upgrade is not available, guests receive instead $500 onboard credit per suite for a total of $1,500 onboard credit per suite.

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2018 Silversea Cruises

Jan 2323Silver ExplorerRoundtrip Ushuaia$26,200$
Jan 2411Silver DiscovererMale to Colombo$8,800$
Feb 047Silver WindFt. Lauderdale to San Juan$3,300$
Feb 1111Silver ShadowRoundtrip Singapore$6,300$
Feb 148Silver ShadowPhuket to Singapore$4,300$
Feb 1614Silver DiscovererPhuket to Ho Chi Minh City$11,400$
Feb 1620Silver MuseRio de Janeiro to Barbados / Bridgetown$7,000$
Feb 1625Silver MuseRio de Janeiro to Ft. Lauderdale$8,900$
Feb 187Silver WindRoundtrip San Juan$3,200$
Feb 2013Silver WhisperSydney to Bali / Benoa$8,600$
Feb 2016Silver MuseBahia de Salvador to Barbados / Bridgetown$5,600$
Feb 2021Silver MuseBahia de Salvador to Ft. Lauderdale$7,000$
Feb 229Silver ShadowSingapore to Hong Kong$5,800$
Feb 2313Silver MuseFortaleza to Barbados / Bridgetown$4,600$
Feb 2318Silver MuseFortaleza to Ft. Lauderdale$6,300$
Feb 256Silver ShadowHo Chi Minh City to Hong Kong$3,900$
Feb 2514Silver ExplorerUshuaia to Valparaíso$7,800$
Feb 2510Silver WindRoundtrip San Juan$4,200$
Feb 2821Silver CloudUshuaia to Cape Town$14,800$
Mar 0211Silver MuseManaus to Ft. Lauderdale$4,200$
Mar 0213Silver DiscovererHo Chi Minh City to Hong Kong$10,800$
Mar 026Silver MuseManaus to Barbados / Bridgetown$2,000$
Mar 0310Silver ShadowHong Kong to Singapore$6,100$
Mar 058Silver ShadowManila to Singapore$4,900$
Mar 0515Silver WhisperBali / Benoa to Hong Kong$9,000$
Mar 1110Silver ExplorerValparaíso to Lima / Callao$5,400$
Mar 117Silver WindRoundtrip San Juan$2,800$
Mar 139Silver MuseRoundtrip Ft. Lauderdale$4,300$
Mar 1312Silver ShadowRoundtrip Singapore$5,600$
Mar 1510Silver DiscovererHong Kong to Nagasaki$8,200$
Mar 169Silver ShadowPhuket to Singapore$4,200$
Mar 2015Silver WhisperHong Kong to Singapore$8,900$
Mar 2121Silver CloudCape Town to Tema$13,800$
Mar 2114Silver ExplorerLima / Callao to Fuerte Amador$6,900$
Mar 227Silver MuseFt. Lauderdale to Barbados / Bridgetown$3,285$
Mar 2213Silver MuseFt. Lauderdale to San Juan$6,100$
Mar 237Silver WindRoundtrip San Juan$2,800$
Mar 259Silver ShadowSingapore to Hong Kong$5,600$
Mar 286Silver ShadowHo Chi Minh City to Hong Kong$3,700$
Mar 296Silver MuseBarbados / Bridgetown to San Juan$2,815$
Mar 307Silver WindSan Juan to Ft. Lauderdale$2,900$
Apr 0311Silver ShadowHong Kong to Singapore$6,600$
Apr 0415Silver WhisperSingapore to Muscat$8,900$
Apr 0412Silver ExplorerFuerte Amador to Puerto Quetzal$6,500$
Apr 059Silver ShadowManila to Singapore$5,400$
Apr 0614Silver WindFt. Lauderdale to Barcelona$5,600$
Apr 1116Silver CloudTema to Lisbon$10,400$
Apr 1411Silver ShadowSingapore to Hong Kong$6,100$
Apr 1713Silver DiscovererKobe to Manila$12,100$
Apr 187Silver ShadowBangkok to Hong Kong$3,900$
Apr 1919Silver WhisperMuscat to Civitavecchia (Rome)$11,200$
Apr 2111Silver ExplorerMazatlan to San Diego$6,400$
Apr 2515Silver ShadowHong Kong to Tokyo$9,400$
Apr 2911Silver ShadowShanghai to Tokyo$6,300$
Apr 3013Silver DiscovererManila to Koror$11,800$
May 0211Silver ExplorerSan Diego to Vancouver$6,400$
May 037Silver ShadowBeijing to Tokyo$4,400$
May 058Silver ExplorerSan Francisco to Vancouver$4,700$
May 067Silver SpiritCivitavecchia (Rome) to Barcelona$4,500$
May 0713Silver MuseDublin to Barcelona$6,800$
May 1015Silver ShadowTokyo to Seward$5,500$
May 1315Silver DiscovererKoror to Honiara$13,600$
May 139Silver ExplorerVancouver to San Francisco$5,200$
May 2212Silver SpiritLisbon to London (Greenwich)$7,900$
May 2810Silver DiscovererHoniara to Port Vila$8,500$
Jun 0312Silver SpiritLondon (Greenwich) to Copenhagen$5,700$
Jun 0715Silver DiscovererPort Vila to Cairns$13,500$
Jun 1013Silver WindLisbon to London (Tower Bridge)$6,400$
Jun 147Silver ShadowRoundtrip Vancouver$3,700$
Jun 1515Silver SpiritRoundtrip Copenhagen$9,200$
Jun 2217Silver DiscovererCairns to Darwin$14,200$

Terms and Conditions

All fares shown are cruise-only, available in US dollars, per guest, based on double-occupancy. Fares are capacity controlled and subject to change at any time without notice. Last Minute Savings offer valid on new, individual bookings made between December 29, 2017 and March 15, 2018. Offer is not applicable to group bookings. Single supplements will apply and vary by voyage. Guests benefit from a one-category suite upgrade (up to Deluxe Veranda on Silver Cloud and Silver Muse; up to Veranda on Silver Galapagos; up to Veranda 4 on Silver Shadow and Silver Whisper; up to Veranda 6 on Silver Spirit; up to Mid Veranda on Silver Wind, and up to Vista on Silver Explorer and Silver Discoverer) and a $1,000 onboard credit per suite. If the one-category upgrade is not available guests will instead receive a $500 onboard credit per suite. Guests travelling on combination voyages will be eligible for the upgrade and onboard credit on the qualifying segment, but not on those segments that are not part of the Last Minute Savings promotion. To reserve a Silversea cruise under the Last Minute Savings promotion, a 50% deposit of the total booking cost is required within two (2) days of booking. Full payment is due no later than 120 days prior to departure. Cancel and re-books do not qualify. Other restrictions may apply.

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