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2019 Silversea Cruises

Apr 257Silver SpiritBarcelona to Civitavecchia (Rome)$4,900$
May 099Silver SpiritRoundtrip Monte Carlo$5,400$
May 1111Silver Shadow to Nice$12,000$
May 1914Silver WhisperLondon (Greenwich) to Barcelona$7,700$
May 225Silver ShadowRoundtrip Nice$7,400$
May 3011Silver ShadowRoundtrip Barcelona$7,900$
Jun 0910Silver WhisperCivitavecchia (Rome) to Venice$12,100$
Jun 107Silver ShadowBarcelona to Monte Carlo$6,700$
Jun 1711Silver ShadowMonte Carlo to Venice$8,900$
Jun 2611Silver WhisperVenice to Monte Carlo$8,900$
Jun 289Silver ShadowVenice to $10,900$
Jul 0710Silver Shadow to Civitavecchia (Rome)$7,600$
Jul 077Silver WhisperMonte Carlo to Civitavecchia (Rome)$5,400$
Jul 1710Silver ShadowCivitavecchia (Rome) to Barcelona$5,900$
Jul 1812Silver WhisperBarcelona to $6,900$
Jul 277Silver ShadowBarcelona to Civitavecchia (Rome)$4,400$
Jul 307Silver Whisper to Venice$8,400$
Aug 037Silver ShadowCivitavecchia (Rome) to Barcelona$5,700$
Aug 067Silver WhisperVenice to Civitavecchia (Rome)$6,400$
Aug 109Silver ShadowBarcelona to Lisbon$5,900$
Aug 1911Silver ShadowLisbon to Monte Carlo$6,300$
Aug 207Silver WhisperRoundtrip Civitavecchia (Rome)$4,900$
Aug 277Silver WhisperCivitavecchia (Rome) to Monte Carlo$4,900$
Aug 307Silver ShadowMonte Carlo to Barcelona$4,200$
Sep 037Silver WhisperMonte Carlo to Barcelona$4,410$
Sep 067Silver ShadowBarcelona to Monte Carlo$4,680$
Sep 107Silver WhisperBarcelona to Lisbon$5,760$
Sep 139Silver ShadowMonte Carlo to Venice$7,290$
Sep 227Silver SpiritBarcelona to Civitavecchia (Rome)$4,950$
Sep 2211Silver ShadowVenice to Civitavecchia (Rome)$8,640$
Sep 299Silver SpiritCivitavecchia (Rome) to Monte Carlo$6,120$
Oct 037Silver ShadowCivitavecchia (Rome) to Venice$5,130$
Oct 0810Silver SpiritMonte Carlo to Venice$6,210$
Oct 107Silver ShadowVenice to $5,310$
Oct 187Silver SpiritVenice to $7,560$
Oct 2211Silver ShadowRoundtrip $7,920$

2020 Silversea Cruises

Apr 097Silver ShadowLisbon to Barcelona$4,050$
Apr 167Silver ShadowBarcelona to Civitavecchia (Rome)$4,320$
Apr 2310Silver ShadowCivitavecchia (Rome) to Barcelona$6,210$
Apr 2411Silver SpiritRoundtrip Venice$6,120$
May 0311Silver ShadowBarcelona to Venice$6,930$
May 0512Silver SpiritVenice to Civitavecchia (Rome)$7,740$
May 149Silver ShadowVenice to $5,940$
May 179Silver SpiritCivitavecchia (Rome) to Barcelona$6,300$
May 237Silver ShadowRoundtrip $5,400$
May 269Silver SpiritRoundtrip Barcelona$5,400$
May 3013Silver Shadow to Venice$7,200$
Jul 267Silver ShadowRoundtrip $5,400$
Jul 277Silver WhisperLisbon to Barcelona$4,950$
Aug 037Silver WhisperBarcelona to Monte Carlo$4,500$
Aug 0611Silver MoonTrieste to Civitavecchia (Rome)$7,740$
Aug 109Silver WhisperMonte Carlo to Venice$5,400$
Aug 147Silver ShadowRoundtrip Venice$4,950$
Aug 177Silver MoonCivitavecchia (Rome) to Barcelona$5,220$
Aug 199Silver WhisperVenice to $5,400$
Aug 2110Silver ShadowVenice to Civitavecchia (Rome)$6,750$
Aug 2410Silver MoonBarcelona to Lisbon$6,930$
Aug 2811Silver Whisper to Barcelona$6,570$
Sep 039Silver MoonLisbon to Barcelona$5,850$
Sep 1211Silver MoonBarcelona to $7,380$
Sep 239Silver Moon to Venice$6,030$
Sep 247Silver ShadowBarcelona to Civitavecchia (Rome)$4,050$
Sep 2512Silver SpiritLisbon to Barcelona$6,840$
Oct 0111Silver ShadowCivitavecchia (Rome) to $6,030$
Oct 0210Silver MoonRoundtrip Venice$6,390$
Oct 0710Silver SpiritRoundtrip Barcelona$5,310$
Oct 127Silver ShadowRoundtrip $4,590$
Oct 127Silver MoonVenice to $4,770$
Oct 1712Silver SpiritBarcelona to $7,470$
Oct 1911Silver Moon to Barcelona$7,020$
Oct 1910Silver Shadow to Venice$5,400$
Oct 297Silver SpiritRoundtrip $4,320$
Oct 2912Silver ShadowVenice to Barcelona$6,480$
Oct 309Silver MoonRoundtrip Barcelona$5,760$

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