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2019 Silversea Cruises

Mar 215Silver ShadowSingapore to Yangon / Rangoon$2,300$
Mar 217Silver MuseSingapore to Ho Chi Minh City$3,770$
Mar 2113Silver MuseSingapore to Hong Kong$8,500$
Mar 2112Silver ShadowRoundtrip Singapore$5,400$
Mar 227Silver SpiritBarbados / Bridgetown to San Juan$2,990$
Mar 2211Silver SpiritBarbados / Bridgetown to Ft. Lauderdale$4,800$
Mar 237Silver GalapagosBaltra, Galapagos to San Cristobal$11,500$
Mar 247Silver WindRoundtrip San Juan$3,700$
Mar 267Silver ShadowYangon / Rangoon to Singapore$3,200$
Mar 2818Silver CloudCape Town to $16,700$
Mar 286Silver MuseHo Chi Minh City to Hong Kong$3,230$
Mar 307Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal to Baltra, Galapagos$10,000$
Mar 3013Silver ExplorerPapeete to Lautoka$13,200$
Mar 3110Silver WindSan Juan to Ft. Lauderdale$5,000$
Apr 023Silver ShadowSingapore to Phuket$1,640$
Apr 0213Silver SpiritFt. Lauderdale to Lisbon$5,900$
Apr 0215Silver ShadowSingapore to Mumbai (Bombay)$9,200$
Apr 0314Silver WhisperDar Es Salaam to Cape Town$10,200$
Apr 0313Silver MuseHong Kong to Tokyo$10,000$
Apr 0510Silver DiscovererDarwin to Broome$6,000$
Apr 0510Silver SpiritHamilton to Lisbon$4,540$
Apr 067Silver GalapagosBaltra, Galapagos to San Cristobal$10,900$
Apr 079Silver MuseShanghai to Tokyo$6,650$
Apr 109Silver WindRoundtrip Ft. Lauderdale$4,500$
Apr 137Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal to Baltra, Galapagos$10,900$
Apr 1316Silver ExplorerLautoka to Apra$14,300$
Apr 1510Silver DiscovererBroome to Darwin$6,000$
Apr 1510Silver SpiritLisbon to Barcelona$6,100$
Apr 1516Silver Cloud to Lisbon$14,900$
Apr 1613Silver MuseRoundtrip Tokyo$11,300$
Apr 1724Silver WhisperCape Town to Lisbon$13,700$
Apr 179Silver ShadowMumbai (Bombay) to Dubai$5,000$
Apr 1911Silver WindRoundtrip Ft. Lauderdale$5,400$
Apr 207Silver GalapagosBaltra, Galapagos to San Cristobal$10,600$
Apr 257Silver SpiritBarcelona to Civitavecchia (Rome)$5,100$
Apr 2510Silver DiscovererDarwin to Broome$6,400$
Apr 2615Silver ShadowDubai to $6,500$
Apr 277Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal to Baltra, Galapagos$11,300$
Apr 2913Silver MuseRoundtrip Tokyo$10,900$
Apr 2913Silver ExplorerApra to Kobe$9,000$
Apr 3016Silver WindFt. Lauderdale to London (Tower Bridge)$6,800$
May 0112Silver CloudLisbon to Amsterdam$11,200$
May 0313Silver Wind to London (Tower Bridge)Call for Availability
May 047Silver GalapagosBaltra, Galapagos to San Cristobal$10,900$
May 0510Silver DiscovererBroome to Darwin$7,600$
May 099Silver SpiritRoundtrip Monte Carlo$5,500$
May 1111Silver Shadow to Nice$12,000$
May 117Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal to Baltra, Galapagos$13,300$
May 118Silver WhisperLisbon to London (Greenwich)$6,100$
May 1216Silver MuseTokyo to $7,900$
May 129Silver ExplorerKobe to Busan$9,300$
May 1310Silver CloudAmsterdam to Dublin$8,500$
May 1510Silver DiscovererDarwin to Broome$8,200$
May 1614Silver WindRoundtrip London (Tower Bridge)$12,000$
May 187Silver GalapagosBaltra, Galapagos to San Cristobal$11,200$
May 1914Silver WhisperLondon (Greenwich) to Barcelona$7,700$
May 199Silver WhisperLondon (Greenwich) to Lisbon$4,950$
May 195Silver WhisperLondon (Greenwich) to Bordeaux$2,890$
May 2111Silver ExplorerBusan to Kobe$6,400$
May 225Silver ShadowRoundtrip Nice$7,400$
May 2312Silver CloudDublin to London (Tower Bridge)$13,700$
May 258Silver WhisperBordeaux to Barcelona$4,630$
May 2510Silver DiscovererBroome to Darwin$8,000$
May 257Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal to Baltra, Galapagos$10,600$
May 2710Silver Muse to Vancouver$6,300$
May 294Silver WhisperLisbon to Barcelona$2,310$
May 3011Silver ShadowRoundtrip Barcelona$8,100$
May 3010Silver WindRoundtrip London (Tower Bridge)$7,600$
Jun 0113Silver ExplorerKobe to Otaru$7,800$
Jun 0111Silver SpiritBarcelona to Tilbury (London)$5,800$
Jun 017Silver GalapagosBaltra, Galapagos to San Cristobal$10,100$
Jun 0414Silver CloudLondon (Tower Bridge) to Reykjavík$11,300$
Jun 0410Silver DiscovererDarwin to Broome$8,400$
Jun 0611Silver MuseRoundtrip Vancouver$6,500$
Jun 087Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal to Baltra, Galapagos$10,700$
Jun 0910Silver WhisperCivitavecchia (Rome) to Venice$12,100$
Jun 0913Silver WindRoundtrip London (Tower Bridge)$7,300$
Jun 107Silver ShadowBarcelona to Monte Carlo$6,700$
Jun 1215Silver SpiritTilbury (London) to Copenhagen$8,100$
Jun 127Silver SpiritTilbury (London) to $4,120$
Jun 1418Silver ExplorerOtaru to $18,100$
Jun 1410Silver DiscovererBroome to Darwin$8,700$
Jun 157Silver GalapagosBaltra, Galapagos to San Cristobal$9,800$
Jun 1711Silver ShadowMonte Carlo to Venice$9,000$
Jun 1710Silver MuseRoundtrip Vancouver$6,400$
Jun 1814Silver CloudReykjavík to $13,500$
Jun 198Silver Spirit to Copenhagen$4,700$
Jun 2214Silver WindLondon (Tower Bridge) to Copenhagen$8,800$
Jun 227Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal to Baltra, Galapagos$11,200$
Jun 2415Silver DiscovererDarwin to Bali / Benoa$9,700$
Jun 2611Silver WhisperVenice to Monte Carlo$8,900$
Jun 277Silver SpiritCopenhagen to Stockholm$5,400$
Jun 277Silver MuseVancouver to $5,900$
Jun 289Silver ShadowVenice to $10,700$
Jun 297Silver GalapagosBaltra, Galapagos to San Cristobal$9,400$
Jul 0111Silver Explorer to Vancouver$9,900$
Jul 0210Silver CloudRoundtrip $11,200$
Jul 047Silver Muse to Vancouver$6,200$
Jul 047Silver SpiritStockholm to Copenhagen$4,800$
Jul 067Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal to Baltra, Galapagos$9,200$
Jul 0710Silver Shadow to Civitavecchia (Rome)$7,600$
Jul 077Silver WhisperMonte Carlo to Civitavecchia (Rome)$5,200$
Jul 0912Silver DiscovererBali / Benoa to Singapore$10,800$
Jul 117Silver SpiritCopenhagen to Stockholm$4,400$
Jul 1210Silver CloudRoundtrip $12,000$
Jul 1213Silver ExplorerVancouver to $11,800$
Jul 137Silver GalapagosBaltra, Galapagos to San Cristobal$10,500$
Jul 137Silver WindAmsterdam to London (Tower Bridge)$5,100$
Jul 1710Silver ShadowCivitavecchia (Rome) to Barcelona$6,500$
Jul 187Silver SpiritStockholm to Copenhagen$4,900$
Jul 1812Silver WhisperBarcelona to $8,800$
Jul 187Silver Muse to Vancouver$6,200$
Jul 207Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal to Baltra, Galapagos$9,800$
Jul 2011Silver WindLondon (Tower Bridge) to Reykjavík$7,600$
Jul 2214Silver Cloud to Reykjavík$13,000$
Jul 257Silver MuseVancouver to $6,200$
Jul 2516Silver Explorer to Nome$13,300$
Jul 2510Silver SpiritRoundtrip Copenhagen$8,300$
Jul 277Silver GalapagosBaltra, Galapagos to San Cristobal$8,300$
Jul 277Silver ShadowBarcelona to Civitavecchia (Rome)$4,900$
Jul 307Silver Whisper to Venice$8,400$
Jul 3111Silver WindReykjavík to London (Tower Bridge)$8,600$
Aug 017Silver Muse to Vancouver$5,200$
Aug 037Silver ShadowCivitavecchia (Rome) to Barcelona$5,300$
Aug 047Silver SpiritCopenhagen to Stockholm$6,200$
Aug 059Silver CloudRoundtrip Reykjavík$11,600$
Aug 067Silver WhisperVenice to Civitavecchia (Rome)$6,100$
Aug 087Silver MuseVancouver to $5,000$
Aug 107Silver GalapagosBaltra, Galapagos to San Cristobal$9,600$
Aug 1025Silver ExplorerNome to $41,800$
Aug 109Silver ShadowBarcelona to Lisbon$5,900$
Aug 1110Silver SpiritStockholm to Copenhagen$6,000$
Aug 1113Silver WindRoundtrip London (Tower Bridge)$9,100$
Aug 1412Silver CloudReykjavík to Kangerlussuaq$13,900$
Aug 157Silver Muse to Vancouver$4,800$
Aug 177Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal to Baltra, Galapagos$8,500$
Aug 1911Silver ShadowLisbon to Monte Carlo$6,300$
Aug 207Silver WhisperRoundtrip Civitavecchia (Rome)$5,100$
Aug 217Silver SpiritCopenhagen to Stockholm$5,000$
Aug 227Silver MuseVancouver to $4,500$
Aug 247Silver GalapagosBaltra, Galapagos to San Cristobal$7,800$
Aug 2412Silver WindLondon (Tower Bridge) to Reykjavík$8,100$
Aug 2616Silver CloudRoundtrip Kangerlussuaq$19,600$
Aug 277Silver WhisperCivitavecchia (Rome) to Monte Carlo$5,000$
Aug 2811Silver SpiritStockholm to London (Greenwich)$5,700$
Aug 287Silver SpiritStockholm to Copenhagen$4,200$
Aug 297Silver Muse to Vancouver$4,700$
Aug 307Silver ShadowMonte Carlo to Barcelona$4,400$
Aug 317Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal to Baltra, Galapagos$7,400$
Sep 037Silver WhisperMonte Carlo to Barcelona$4,770$
Sep 0515Silver Explorer to Reykjavík$16,380$
Sep 057Silver MuseVancouver to $3,870$
Sep 0512Silver WindReykjavík to Montréal$5,940$
Sep 067Silver ShadowBarcelona to Monte Carlo$4,590$
Sep 077Silver GalapagosBaltra, Galapagos to San Cristobal$7,020$
Sep 0810Silver SpiritLondon (Greenwich) to Lisbon$5,076$
Sep 0814Silver SpiritLondon (Greenwich) to Barcelona$7,200$
Sep 107Silver WhisperBarcelona to Lisbon$5,850$
Sep 1114Silver CloudKangerlussuaq to Québec City$13,410$
Sep 1214Silver Muse to Tokyo$4,950$
Sep 139Silver ShadowMonte Carlo to Venice$7,290$
Sep 147Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal to Baltra, Galapagos$7,020$
Sep 1711Silver WindMontréal to $7,200$
Sep 179Silver WhisperLisbon to London (Greenwich)$5,670$
Sep 2015Silver ExplorerReykjavík to St. John's$14,490$
Sep 2211Silver ShadowVenice to Civitavecchia (Rome)$8,640$
Sep 227Silver SpiritBarcelona to Civitavecchia (Rome)$4,950$
Sep 2514Silver CloudQuébec City to Charleston$6,381$
Sep 2516Silver CloudQuébec City to Ft. Lauderdale$7,470$
Sep 2613Silver WhisperLondon (Greenwich) to Boston$5,931$
Sep 2615Silver WhisperLondon (Greenwich) to $5,940$
Sep 2714Silver MuseRoundtrip Tokyo$7,920$
Sep 287Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal to Baltra, Galapagos$8,280$
Sep 2810Silver Wind to Montréal$6,300$
Sep 299Silver SpiritCivitavecchia (Rome) to Monte Carlo$6,210$
Oct 037Silver ShadowCivitavecchia (Rome) to Venice$5,490$
Oct 057Silver GalapagosBaltra, Galapagos to San Cristobal$8,550$
Oct 0810Silver SpiritMonte Carlo to Venice$5,940$
Oct 0811Silver WindMontréal to $6,930$
Oct 107Silver ShadowVenice to $5,040$
Oct 1110Silver MuseRoundtrip Tokyo$7,200$
Oct 1111Silver Whisper to Montréal$5,850$
Oct 1119Silver CloudFt. Lauderdale to $11,610$
Oct 1217Silver ExplorerFt. Lauderdale to Puntarenas$8,460$
Oct 187Silver SpiritVenice to $7,380$
Oct 1910Silver Wind to Montréal$5,310$
Oct 197Silver GalapagosBaltra, Galapagos to San Cristobal$8,910$
Oct 209Silver WindBoston to Montréal$4,050$
Oct 2114Silver MuseTokyo to Hong Kong$7,380$
Oct 2210Silver WhisperMontréal to $5,310$
Oct 2211Silver ShadowRoundtrip $7,830$
Oct 2516Silver Spirit to Dubai$7,470$
Oct 267Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal to Baltra, Galapagos$8,820$
Oct 2911Silver ExplorerPuntarenas to Guayaquil$5,940$
Oct 2912Silver WindMontréal to Charleston$6,210$
Oct 3025Silver Cloud to Buenos Aires$15,750$
Nov 0110Silver Whisper to San Juan$3,600$
Nov 027Silver GalapagosBaltra, Galapagos to San Cristobal$8,280$
Nov 038Silver WhisperHamilton to San Juan$2,880$
Nov 0411Silver MuseHong Kong to Laem Chabang (Bangkok)$5,094$
Nov 0414Silver MuseHong Kong to Singapore$7,020$
Nov 0914Silver ExplorerGuayaquil to Valparaíso$6,930$
Nov 109Silver SpiritDubai to Mumbai (Bombay)$3,780$
Nov 1011Silver WindCharleston to Barbados / Bridgetown$4,320$
Nov 1111Silver WhisperSan Juan to Ft. Lauderdale$3,870$
Nov 138Silver WindSan Juan to Barbados / Bridgetown$3,141$
Nov 167Silver GalapagosBaltra, Galapagos to San Cristobal$9,720$
Nov 1815Silver MuseSingapore to Brisbane$5,697$
Nov 1818Silver MuseSingapore to Sydney$7,920$
Nov 1918Silver SpiritMumbai (Bombay) to Singapore$6,930$
Nov 1915Silver SpiritMumbai (Bombay) to Phuket$5,400$
Nov 2110Silver WindBarbados / Bridgetown to San Juan$3,780$
Nov 2214Silver MuseBali / Benoa to Sydney$5,319$
Nov 2214Silver WhisperRoundtrip Ft. Lauderdale$6,300$
Nov 2312Silver ExplorerValparaíso to Ushuaia$6,660$
Nov 237Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal to Baltra, Galapagos$8,370$
Nov 2416Silver CloudBuenos Aires to Ushuaia$12,240$
Nov 307Silver GalapagosBaltra, Galapagos to San Cristobal$7,470$
Dec 017Silver WindRoundtrip San Juan$2,880$
Dec 037Silver ShadowFt. Lauderdale to San Juan$2,880$
Dec 0512Silver ExplorerRoundtrip Ushuaia$15,030$
Dec 0614Silver MuseSydney to Auckland$7,740$
Dec 0614Silver WhisperRoundtrip Ft. Lauderdale$5,220$
Dec 077Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal to Baltra, Galapagos$7,290$
Dec 0714Silver SpiritSingapore to Hong Kong$5,940$
Dec 0812Silver MuseMelbourne to Auckland$5,094$
Dec 089Silver WindSan Juan to Ft. Lauderdale$3,330$
Dec 109Silver ShadowSan Juan to Ft. Lauderdale$3,330$
Dec 1010Silver CloudRoundtrip Ushuaia$12,510$
Dec 1110Silver SpiritLaem Chabang (Bangkok) to Hong Kong$4,050$
Dec 147Silver GalapagosBaltra, Galapagos to San Cristobal$6,660$
Dec 1718Silver ExplorerRoundtrip Ushuaia$20,970$
Dec 1710Silver WindRoundtrip Ft. Lauderdale$4,140$
Dec 199Silver ShadowFt. Lauderdale to San Juan$3,780$
Dec 2011Silver MuseAuckland to Melbourne$5,661$
Dec 2014Silver MuseAuckland to Sydney$9,090$
Dec 2017Silver WhisperRoundtrip Ft. Lauderdale$8,010$
Dec 2015Silver CloudRoundtrip Ushuaia$17,280$
Dec 217Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal to Baltra, Galapagos$12,960$
Dec 2114Silver SpiritHong Kong to Singapore$7,200$
Dec 2312Silver SpiritManila to Singapore$6,021$
Dec 279Silver WindFt. Lauderdale to San Juan$3,870$
Dec 2810Silver ShadowSan Juan to Barbados / Bridgetown$4,770$
Dec 287Silver GalapagosBaltra, Galapagos to San Cristobal$11,250$

2020 Silversea Cruises

Jan 0313Silver MuseRoundtrip Sydney$6,480$
Jan 0414Silver SpiritSingapore to Hong Kong$6,390$
Jan 047Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal to Baltra, Galapagos$7,200$
Jan 047Silver SpiritSingapore to Ho Chi Minh City$3,700$
Jan 0412Silver ExplorerRoundtrip Ushuaia$16,290$
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